• 31Aug
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    Woo Hoo!  I spent the afternoon with David Bromstad!


    Truly, I did!  He was appearing at Ecohaus in Seattle, talking about his new paint colors with Eco-friendly Mythic Paints.  I was there waaaay early, so I could sit up really close!  I was in the third row from the front.  You can see Bob up there in the yellow shirt, holding my place for me!


    HIs “stage” was this big truck with the side open and cans of paint stacked up inside.  The paint cans made a great backdrop.  You can also see the easel and canvas there.  During the afternoon, he painted a painting and it was raffled off!


    He talked a bit about his history, then asked for questions from the crowd.  I didn’t want to jump up and ask the first, question, so I waited and asked the third question!  My question was, “I always love it when you step outside the norm and do something different, like the fire hall or the gym.  Have you ever considered doing an Airstream?”


    To which he replies, “We came THIS close to doing and Airstream.”  At that point, I said, in my best sarcastic voice, “REAAAAALLLLLY????”  And he asked, “Were you the one that submitted that?”


    I confessed that I was.  He said he really pushed for it, but that HGTV has nixed it.  That was the same thing his producer had told me.  Well, darn and double darn!

    He moved on, answering lots of questions, even one from this little guy.


    Then he started his painting.


    He tried to talk and work, but had a bit of a difficult time doing both!


    He had his trusty spray bottle and did a drip design.


    It wasn’t all that exciting–at first.


    But then someone yelled, “Turn it upside down.”  And he did!


    That, and a little purple, and it was finished.  No, I didn’t win it.


    But I did ask him afterwards if it was worth resubmitting the Airstream idea, and he said, “Yes.  Absolutely!”  So get ready, we may need another email campaign!

  • 23Aug
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    As a dedicated fabric designer, I take my research seriously.  Since my designs are based on prints from the 1920′s, 30′s and 40′s, it’s important that I surround myself with materials from that era.  Recently, even though I was on vacation, I took time out from my schedule of spa pampering and relaxing and devoted an afternoon to research.

    In other words–I went to the antique mall!


    I’m always on the lookout for quilts, quilt blocks and tops that let me see a good representation of fabrics, like this Apple Core.  Why look–this quilt maker used red AND orange.  Way to go!


    She was also very frugal.  Over half the pieces in this top are pieced.  In other words, she didn’t have a big enough scrap to cut out an apple core shape, so she pieced her scraps together first.


    I have an image of Sunbonnet Sue in my mind–the Sunbonnet Sue that my Grandma Kennedy made.  All other Sue’s are compared to her.  This Sue comes pretty close–and she has some pretty fabric in her dresses!


    Many of you have heard me say this before, but LOOK!  Quilters in the 1930′s used orange–real orange!  Not peach, not buff–ORANGE!


    Besides quilt tops I find other things that are great fabric resources–like this little lingerie bag.


    And, of course, clothes pin holders.  I have seen (and collected) lots of these over the years, but never one with feet!  Isn’t it absolutely charming!?!


    Ah, the sacrifices I make for my craft……..

  • 19Aug
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    Our two oldest grandkids, McKenna and Justin, have been here visiting for a week.  Little brother, Jason, wasn’t very happy about being left home!


    On our way home, we stopped in Seaside to break up the trip, and took time for a ride on the carousel.


    I just love this photo.  We had to stop to watch the Young’s Bay Bridge be raised for a fishing boat to pass under.  Must be a guy thing!  McKenna and I waited in the car.


    The favorite and most requested activity during the week was Gator driving.  I use it to water and fertilize around the yard.  As you can see, Justin liked being in charge of the spray nozzle!


    While McKenna and I did a lot of Gator driving, Bob and Justin spent a lot of time on the John Deere A, now named Henry.  Bob was trying to fire it up one day and said, “Come on, Henry,” and after that, Justin called it Henry!


    We baked Snickerdoodles, Papa’s favorite.  Okay, so I had a few, too!


    McKenna made an apron from my Daisy A Day apron panel.


    Here she is modeling the finished product.  I was so proud of her.  She did all of the sewing except attaching the waist band.  Her top stitching was lovely!


    She chose this fabric for the reverse side, and we added the ric rack.  How fun!


    We spent one whole day at Vista Park on the Columbia River.


    It’s amazing how kids can spend hours at the water’s edge.  And grandparents can spend hours watching them and enjoying every minute of it!


    We had a picnic and used the same plastic picnic plates that I ate off of as a child when we’d go to Chinook Park.


    Now this was a bit of a stretch.  I had to put curlers in McKenna’s American Girl Doll’s hair.  Heck, I don’t even put curlers in my hair!  If it takes more than four minutes, then it’s not the hairdo for me!  But, it was in preparation for a very important party.  We invited the dolls and Great Grandma Bette for a tea party in the log cabin.


    We spent the morning cleaning the cabin and picking flowers.  Of course picking flowers involved Gator driving.


    Melissa and Kerstin wore matching dresses.


    We had tea sandwiches and scones.  Our table had a daisy theme–daisy fabric in the table cloth, daisies on our bouquet, and daisies on my 1974 wedding china.


    When Grandma Bette arrived, she was chauffeured to the cabin in –what else– the Gator!


    She brought hostess gifts for both McKenna and me.  McKenna got a piece of cut glass that Grandma Bette has had for over 40 years.  What a treasure!


    We didn’t forget dessert.  We had a strawberry whipped cream cake!


    Yesterday, before heading out, we took one last Gator ride.  We went to the neighboring cranberry bog.


    We took a little trip down a grassy road into the woods, and guess what we saw–a black bear!  It might have been this one, that son Doug snapped a  phone photo of in our yard last spring!  The bear ran off into the woods, and we turned around real quick!

    We met their parents in Portland yesterday for the exchange.  Looks like Jason is happy to have his siblings back!


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  • 17Aug
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    My granddaughter, McKenna, helped me with the random number generator–and the lucky winner is Nancey O.  Congratulations!


  • 16Aug
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    My daughter lives in Central Oregon, and last week my parents, my sister’s family, Bob and I spent some time there.

    Central Oregon is high desert.  You wouldn’t know it when you’re at Pronghorn, thought!


    My Mom and Dad have a “fractional ownership” in the Residence Club there.  I loved the sage blooming just outside the door.


    We spent about three hours on a float trip on the Dechutes River.  What a blast!


    One day Bob and I drove east through the Ochoco Forest to see the Painted Hills.


    They were truly amazing.  The clay that forms them was deposited 33 million years ago!


    We lunched in the tiny town of Mitchell.  It may be tiny, but it has everything, including this gas station.  Really.


    These wild flowers were blooming along side the road where we stopped to take photos of the painted hills.  I think they’re black-eyed Susans, but I don’t know for sure.


    One morning, Mat, Melissa, Ray and I hiked to the top of Pilot Butte.  That gets the old heart pumping!  But the view was magnificent.


    We drank the local brew, Dutch Brothers.  I love their logo!  And the sunset isn’t bad either.


  • 15Aug
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    The program at Pomeroy Farms this year was Rebecca Anderson of Rebecca Ruth Designs.  She has an extensive knowledge of this history of aprons and an extensive collection of aprons–which she shared!  I hope you enjoy these photos.

    Here’s Rebecca with two of her models, showing of pretty petal aprons.


    More pretty hemlines.


    Some full, circle aprons.


    An interesting use of ric rack!  It’s used here to attach the panels of the apron skirt.


    And here ric rack is used to join the top to the bottom.


    This style really reminds me of my grandma.



    And these terry cloth aprons are what my mom always wore!


    My Grandma Ikey used a lot of bias tape–and so did the maker of this apron.


    The woman who made this one took something as simple as bias tape and made it artistic.


    But nothing beats ric rack for embellishment!



    And have you heard of a technique called Chicken Scratch?  It was done on gingham, like these aprons.  My Grandma Kennedy did it on pillows.


    Some pretty aprons from the 1920′s.  Tea, anyone?


    Organza aprons were all the rage for hostesses in the 1950′s and 60′s.


    These aprons are made from handkerchiefs.


    And these are crocheted!


    It was a wonderful day, and I loved seeing all the aprons.  Thank you!

  • 14Aug
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    I’m just back from a great week in Central Oregon, and now we have our two oldest grandchildren with us.  But, I have a free moment, so wanted to share a few more of the Pomeroy Show quilts with you.   I’m a sucker for scrappy quilts.  Here are some of my favorites from different eras.

    We’ll start with the late 1800′s.




    And these from the 1930′s.




    And even these from the 1960′s!



    And this great current one!


  • 10Aug
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    Sometimes it’s easy to forget to look around us–at the beauty that surrounds us.

    This is the view through the trees as you walk to North Head Lighthouse.


    Then you round the bend, and there it is!


    Once you walk past, you’re looking north at the bluff.


    We walked to the top, and this was the view toward the Long Beach Peninsula from there.


    And south to Benson Beach.


    We walked back on the Lighthouse Keepers Trail.


    A last peek back at the lighthouse.


    Then past the light keeper’s house, which is now a B&B.


    Yeah, pretty nice country we live in!

  • 08Aug
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    Last weekend I had a wonderful day of quilting fun and relaxation at the Pomeroy House Living History Farm.


    Connie and Robin were there, too.  Really, that’s them in the photo below!


    The old farm is such a wonderfully charming place for a quilt show.


    I love how the put the quilts on the fences and buildings.



    Luckily, the chickens had some shade–it was a very hot day!


    Seeing these makes me want to drag all my quilts outside.


    Oh, I’m glad I don’t have to wash like this!


    Ah, more shade!


    I don’t know if I took this picture for Bob because it’s a tractor or for me because it’s orange!


    Oh, there’s Connie and Robin.  I knew I’d catch up with them again!


    More photos of quilt to come–and all the aprons in the presentation!

  • 06Aug
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    Time for a Give-Away.  I’ve written four quilting books, and I’d like to give away all four of them to one lucky winner.


    Besides blogging, I also send a weekly newsletter.  If you leave a comment, I’ll add you to the newsletter list and put you in the drawing for the books.

    The drawing will be August 15.  Good luck!