• 29Aug
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    Before I show the rest of the quilts I took pictures of, I should tell you about the ones I didn’t take pictures of.  There were tons of quilts that had beading and bedazzling on them!  The workmanship was superb, but I’m not a glitz-your-quilt kinda gal, so I didn’t take pictures of those!  I did, however, take photos of the more traditional quilts.  These are the ones that float my boat!

    First, a little humor.  This is a feedsack quilt!  Yep, made with modern, plastic feedsacks.  How funny!

    I recently saw another version of this quilt at the Sisters quilt show.  I’m gonna make this one someday!

    When I first looked at this quilt, I saw bow ties–gray bow ties pointing left and cream bow ties pointing right.  On closer examination, though, this quilt is a combination of snowballs (red floral) and four patches.

    There’s something to be said for quilts from solid fabrics.

    Love the gradation of colors on this quilt.

    Love it!  There’s a lot of work in this border.

    Isn’t this gorgeous?

    This antique quilt was in the Latimer Quilt Museum’s booth.

    So was this one.

    Don’t miss the border treatment when looking at this quilt.

    Great setting.

    This was a “quilt rescue,” according to the info.

    I’ve always called this block Girl with Nosegay.

    Fabulous Drunkard’s Path.

    It’s made with bias edges!

    Lots of inspiration.  I’ve gotta go sew!


  • 28Aug
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    Yesterday Connie and I traveled to Tacoma for the Pacific West Quilt Show.  It was a gorgeous day.  This was the view from the street in front of the convention center.

    I’ve always been crazy about poppies.

    And evidently I’m not alone!

    Especially orange poppies!

    There were several “poppy” quilts at the show.

    And other floral quilts.

    As one friend put it, “It’s a very esoteric show!”

    I’d have to agree with that!

    There were lots of landscape quilts.

    Some traditional barns in a not-so-traditional setting.

    Barns that are a bit more abstract.

    I love this village!  She drew it with Elmer’s glue then used dye to create the design!

    There was some amazing quilting to be seen.

    The whole cloth quilts were stunning.

    Nice use of hand dyed fabric.

    How can his quilt be perfectly flat but look like it has a big bubble in the middle?

    Can you even imagine drafting the center of this quilt?

    It reminded me of this quilt from the 1930′s.

    There were some great pictorial quilts.

    I loved the draft horses.

    Isn’t this beautiful?

    I loved these pens!  Perhaps it was made for an author or calligrapher.

    I thought the next three quilts were quite unique.  They’re made in the style of Northwest Indian button blankets.

    More “traditional” quilts tomorrow!

  • 26Aug
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    We wer lucky to have visitors at Redwork this month!  Sherri and Jodi made the trip from Sandy, Oregon to be with us!

    And they brought terrific show-and-tell!  Jodi is participating in the Farmer’s Wife quilt-along.  I just love her colors!

    And she brought the original Auntie Dot’s Apron!

    That orange print would have been perfect in my early ’70′s kitchen!

    Sherri had a treasure trove of vintage show-and-tell, like these fabulous Rocky Road To Kansas blocks.

    And check out this tinted linen crib quilt top!

    I just have to show you some of the close-ups, they’re so adorable.

    Giraffe (which I pronounced with a “t” on the end when I was little) has always been my favorite zoo animal.

    Oh, my gosh.  Could these elephants BE any cuter?  Why is it no one ever makes cute donkeys? 😉

    I don’t even like pigs and I think these are cute!

    Sweet little lambs.

    Mr. Sunshine playing peek-a-boo.  What baby wouldn’t sleep well under a crib quilt made from this top?

    She also had some adorable Sunbonnet blocks.  I love how there’s a pair–Sam and Sue–from each print fabric.

    Just look at this apron.  Someone went to a whole lot of trouble to match up those stripes!  For an apron!  I’m not sure you could get much in that pocket, but maybe a hankie.

    And I’m in love with the daisy print on this apron.  Sherri is like the apron fairy godmother.  Just LOOK what she did for me once upon a time!

    The other ladies came through, too.  Ann brought her quilt with a kite on it–our theme for the month, and the only kite textile the whole day!

    Carol is embroidering Christmas napkins for her sister-in-law.

    And Robin and her granddaughters are making eye masks to donate to their local hospital’s chemo department.  What a neat idea.

    Anyone else want to come visit?  There’s only one requirement, you have to bring show-and-tell!




  • 23Aug
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    Did you know there’s a new American Girl Store in Seattle?  I started buying American Girl dolls for McKenna when she was small.  Then my mom bought me one!  She bought me Kerstin, the Swedish doll.  How perfect!  I didn’t really play with dolls as a kid, but I loved having Kerstin and her Swedish accouterments. Then, a friend bought a Kerstin for Sally, too!  So, we just all had to go.  I drove up to Seattle and spent the night with Sally.  Here are our Kerstin dolls waiting for the big outing.

    McKenna and Tamara drove up from Albany to meet us.

    It was so fun to see the displays in the store.

    What’s this!?!  Julie is from 1974.  Oh, my god!  I’m old enough to be an American Girl Doll!

    When I was in high school, my bedroom was hot pink and orange, just like Julie’s!

    When I got married in 1974, I got a fondue pot exactly like this, except mine was Harvest Gold, not Avocado Green!  It’s all too much….

    I had to move on.  McKenna liked the special doll for this year, Kanani.

    We had to swing by the beauty parlor.  Look at all the choices you have for giving your doll a new hairstyle!

    Elizabeth had to have a new ‘do.

    Doesn’t it look pretty?

    We had a lunch reservation.  McKenna and Sally.

    Tamara and me.

    The dolls each got their own chair!

    And their own beverage!

    The ceiling was adorable!

    Some lucky little girl was having a birthday party.

    We topped of lunch with decadent desserts.  McKenna had the brownie sundae (and so did I!).

    Sally and Tamara had cake pops.

    I have another granddaughter now, so guess who will be getting a Bitty Baby for Christmas?  Yep, Peyton.  And the whole family loves camo, so what could be more perfect than Bitty Baby in a camo outfit?  I’ll tell you what.  I bought a matching outfit for Peyton, too!

    Oh, it’s fun to be a grandma!

  • 11Aug
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    When I stopped at the Willapa Harbor Quilt Show last week, I was delighted that the first quilt that greeted me was an antique–this beautiful Irish Chain.  The quilt was pieced between 1900 and 1905 in Fairfield County Ohio.

    The finished squares were about 1″ and the quilting stitches were amazing.  The border alone is a work of art!

    I’m always pleased to see Redwork.  The vintage cats were adorable.

    And Becky Coburn had stitched my Redwork Flower Baskets.

    And Yvonne Smith had done the Blue Flower Baskets!

    Pat Jones had done the Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie, too quilt.

    She also did this charming Christmas mini.

    This was the gorgeous raffle quit the guild had made.

    This is Prairie Paint by Alice Wells.

    Here’s a wonderful quilt for the outdoorsman.  I’m sorry I don’t know who made it.  Note: I received this message today from the quilt show chair and wanted to share it with you.  The outdoor fishing quilt was made by a group of women who were sisters.  Our local sister member is Vivian Edersheim.  One of the sisters, Bertha, decided to make each of her brothers a quilt and had barely gotten started when she was hit with cancer.  After her death, her surviving sisters decided to finish the quilts, and over the completion process the quilts traveled over 2000 miles as each sister took her turn at working on blocks.  Bertha continues to share her love of fabric and quilting with our guild because her sister Vivian has shared her fabrics and scraps with our group, and we pay a small donation to Vivian which in turn she gives to a charity.

    Pat Jone’s made the Backyard Birds quilt.

    This quilt is called Under the Sea by Arlyn Harris.  Perfect underwater colors!

    Oldzii is a Never Ending Knot pattern made by Toni Gwinn.

    Yvonne Smith made this Kindred Spirits quilt.

    Oh!  This is my Christmas fabric made into a table runner by Helga Schiel.

    Here’s the same pattern (which was designed by my friend, Karen Montgomery).  This patriotic version was made by Alice Wells.

    I love the name of this cat quilt–Eight Lives Left.  It’s by Toni Gwin.

    Lovebird Lane is by Dorothy Gruginski.

    Life’s a Journey by Vickie Fenstermacher really caught my eye.

    Who wouldn’t love an orange quilt?  Windmill by Marge Habersetzer.

    The stitchery work on this quilt,Wild  Flowers by Vickie Fenstermacher, was amazing.

    This quilt has a wonderful story.  Margaret Payne gave her nephew, Bruce Hill, the aqua fabric seen in this quilt.  Bruce, a quilter, made this quilt using the aqua fabric and gave it back to Margaret!


    This vintage Flower Garden quilt was started over 70 years ago!  It was pieced by Catherine Lorton.

    Charlene Phinney was the featured quilter.  Her quilts, like these African Birds, were works of art.

    I believe this flowers are her work, also.

    She created Rusted Quilt With No Name when she was playing with triangles.

    This plaid quilt is the result of a class she took with Roberta Horton.

    Another funky bird quilt!


    More of Charlene’s work.  She hand dyes many of her fabrics.


    I love these houses.

    Dorothy Gruginski made this beautiful Out of the Darkness quilt.

    The quilting was done by Arlyn Harris and is just beautiful.

    The variegated thread was a perfect choice for this quilt.

    It was a lovely show and I was delighted when I was asked if I would the featured quilter next year!