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    More quilts from the quilt show in Houston.

    Patriot’s Dream by Barbara Shrout,  The name is inspired by a line from America the Beautiful—“O beautiful for patriot dream that sees beyond the years…”  I love the curved edges.

    Barn Raising by Lauren Semple.  Isn’t it amazing what can be done with half-square triangles!

    Standing Strong by Sharon Dixon.

    The Secret Life of Dancing Tulips by Jeanne Brenner.  The title refers to the dancing tulips subtly quilted into the border.

    I love the shading achieved by different tones of the same color.

    Sunflowers 2 by Charlotte A. Hickman.  I think sunflowers are such happy flowers!

    Black-Eyed Susans and Yellow Mexican Hats by Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert.These two flowers grow wild along the roadside in Texas.

    Portraits of Flora by Timna Tarr.  What a great use of many, many fabrics!

    This next quilts wasn’t at the show in Houston, but there’s a reason I’m showing it here.  It’s called Checkerboard Vortex, maker unknown.  It’s quite famous in the quilting world, appearing in many books and at the recent Red and White quilt exhibit in New York.  This quilt was made around 1920!  In the book Twentieth Century Quilts 1900 – 1950 it’s described as, “Extraordinarily contemporary in its design, this amazing quilt is a triumph of precise design and piecing, and it it an astonishing precursor to the art of Vasarely.”  Like many others, I’m in love with this quilt.

    Incredibly, Nora Ronningen has made her own version of the quilt which she calls Vortex in Variation.

    I could hardly pull myself away.  It was stunning!

    Preserve Nature, Preserve Self by Susie Johnson.  Did you know the gingko tree has been around for 270 million years!?!

    Redwork Revisited by Susan Dague.

    The maker used old kitchen transfers for the designs on this quilt.

    I think the sashings are great, too!  They are just half-square triangles.

    One of the exhibits was called Text on Textiles.  In the display area were several old typewriters.  Wow, an orange one!

    Ethel’s Diary by Eileen Campbell is a great use of photos and words on a quilt.

    I remember pressed tin toy typewriters like this one!

    This adorable portable is a lot like the one we have that Bob’s grandfather used in his “Tailoring Parlor” in Libby Montana in the early 1900′s.  The carriage flips forward and the whole thing fits into a case!

    Salvaged Words by Jette Clover.  There are pages from vintage books used on this quilt!

    I’ve used words and photos on labels, but not as the main focus of the quilt.  This is from my Dearest Brother quilt, which tells the story of Anna Lena’s life.

    Hmmm, that might make a good blog post!

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    Oh, I love it when it’s time for the Bloggers Quilt Fest, sponsored by Amy over at Amy’s Creative Side.  This is a time for people all over blog land to show what they’re working on or a favorite quilt.  I’ve decided to show my Bavarian Rose quilt, since it’s the most recent thing I’ve made.

    One week before I was leaving for Quilt Market, I got my sample fabrics–2 yards of each.

    For some crazy reason, I decided that I’d appliqué 32 roses for the quilt!

    Mind you, I’m not really much of an appliquer, except for some hand buttonhole work I’ve done in the past.  But, I persevered and got them done, using a buttonhole stitch on my Elna.

    I also made three other samples for Market.  A bag…

    …a Laptop Sleeve…

    …and a little stitchery I call Gretel.

    And to top it all off, I found a vintage tablecloth at Market that perfectly matches my new collection!

    I see curtains in my future!


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    Today was the first day the vendor booths were open here at Quilt Market.

    Timeless Treasures really increased their booth space this Market, and everything looks fantastic–including this adorable line, Bavaria! 😉

    Only one yard of each print was flown into the office in New York, and it had to be cut up for 20 samples, so each salesman would have a set so they’re very tiny!

    Needless to say, I’m quite fond of the Orange Crush line.

    Timeless does fabulous batiks, and Mango Salsa is really pretty.

    I’m thinking I need to make a circle quilt!

    Isn’t this a pretty purse made from the Tonga Treat?

    Everything old is new again!  My bedroom in the early Seventies was hot pink and orange.

    More pretty fabrics.

    Black and bright is always stunning.

    Wild Ginger.

    Mixed Media Mosaic.

    Made from pre-cuts.

    More eye candy.

    This is Monica Lee’s Cardigan Girls.  I got to meet Monica this Market, and she’s a hoot!

    Catch of the Day is adorable with lobsters and crab.

    L’amour de la vie is a cute little French line.

    Mechanical Genius is a first line from Mo Bedell.  Perfect for boy quilts!

    Don’t’ you love how the selvedges are incorporated into this pillow?

    Sweet on NYC by Sugar Pixie.

    Bella Verona is a beautiful new block of the month.

    And Timeless has an exciting new division called Dear Stella.

    So much inspiration! And all this in just one booth!


  • 28Oct
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    Greetings from Quilt Market in Houston!  Today was Schoolhouse–15 – 30 minute sessions all day long introducing new products that are going to premiering at Market.  Well, when I saw a title called Quilts in Sweden you know I had to go! Turns out that’s the title of a new book by Kaffe Fassett.

    Much to my delight, the quilts were photographed at Skansen, the open air museum in Stockholm.  Historic buildings have been brought from all over Sweden to this museum–including one from Anna Lena’s farm!  These photos are washed out because I was taking pictures projected on a screen, but I thought they were worth sharing with you.

    I love this quilt on the outside of a typical Swedish log cabin–square logs and Falu red paint.  This paint, which is prevalent all over Sweden, is a by-product of the copper mining.

    I recognize this as the inside of the main house at the Delsbo farmhouse.

    I love this balcony shot!

    This photo was taken inside a manor house at the museum.  Don’t you love the geometric design of the quilt and the geometric design of the floor!?

    Beautiful painted wall–and beautiful quilt.

    Kaffe said they topped off their day with tea at the Tea Room!  Perfect!

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    …Is Market ready for me?

    Whew!  3:30 on Wednesday afternoon, and all the projects are finished.  I don’t leave until 4:00 AM tomorrow.  Time to spare!  Now I suppose Bob will expect me to cook dinner.

    In the last six days, I’ve made a Laptop  Sleeve, a little Stitchery called Gretel, and I’ve been plugging away on the blocks for the Bavarian Rose quilt.  I don’t know what possessed me to applique 32 rose blocks, but I did.

    Finally, after dinner last night, I got the quilt quilted.  Thank goodness for stippling!


    Joan, my binding fairy, just returned from Salt Lake City yesterday, but I took her the quilt this morning, and she returned it the afternoon–all bound and with a sleeve on it.  Thank you, Joan!

    I wanted one more project to showcase the fabrics so whipped up this bag.

    I think I’ll go pack now!

  • 15May
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    As usual, I had a fabulous time at Quilt Market!  Here are some of my favorite images from my days there.

    During set-up, I spotted this fabulous clock–which looked so much like a Swedish Mora clock, that I just had to as if I could take a photo.

    As it turned out, it’s by Rebekah Merkle, who is designing fabric for Timeless Treasures–just like I am!

    Her booth was adorable.

    Of course, the Dolly Dear display was lovely!

    I’m such a daisy fan, I must find a way to get my hands on some of this daisy fabric.

    This sign cracked me up!  I guess if you’re a Farmall fan, you’d be delighted, but don’t tell Bob!

    Deb Tucker’s new Lemoyne Star ruler is perfect for making all sizes of Lemoyne Stars.  I can’t wait to make some blocks and demo it!

    Did I mention how cute the Dolly Dear fabric are??

    I know Jamie from Timeless had the cutest ruffled backside in all of the convention center!

    I love the Let’s Twist quilts.  This pattern is from Bean Counter Quilts.

    As a fan of dots and bubbles, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this quilt.

    Since my fabric is called Dolly Dear, I thought it appropriate that I make a sample of Little Mary.  Carol O. made this sample for me, and she has named her Ethel.

    It’s always so incredible to see how talented people are with their displays.  Don’t you love this!?!


    And the cute clothes.  This is Chelsea, who filmed a video of me that will be on the Timeless blog soon!

    My Christmas Memories Redwork quilt was also hanging in the Timeless booth.

    I picked up a new book, Those Flirty Thirties.  This is one of the quilts from the book.

    Here’s a close-up.  Gosh, love her strong colors!

    Covered buttons were big and this is just a fun way to use them!

    I always love the inspiration I get from Market!  The quilting world is a great place to live and play, and I’m glad I’m part of it!


  • 27Oct
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    If any of you are coming to Quilt Market, I hope you make it to my Schoolhouse Presentations.  I have lots of great ideas for working with Redwork and Toile fabrics.

    And you’ll be the first to see my new Christmas Redwork panel.  Here’s a sneak peek of one of the blocks!

    The Schoolhouse is sponsored by Timeless Treasures.  It’s at 3:10.

    I also have a Schoolhouse on the International Mystery Tour presented by Fabric Shop Network at 4:20.  Hope to see you at one or both!