• 05Oct
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    Yes, I actually did it.  Bob and I took Lola, our 1972 Airstream, on her first camping trip.  Well, her first camping trip with us and my first camping trip EVER!

    We went to Stub Stewart State Park in Oregon, only about two hours from home–perfect for a first outing.  And, a beautiful campground, I might add.

    Son Doug and his family met us there.  I’ve mentioned before that I have cute grandkids.  Well, here’s the proof!  This is Carson.

    And Peyton.

    Carson thought the gravel parking spots were perfect.

    And the play area was really neat!

    We had a beautiful day on Saturday.

    On Sunday it began to mist.  But, we decided to do a hike through the woods anyway.  I’m not sure this was the best trail to take!

    I love the forests here in the Northwest.  They’re so dense and lush.

    And I love the odd shaped trees.

    Or this one, that has dozens of “arms.”

    Multiple trunks are always interesting.

    Crooked AND moss covered!  What could be better?

    There were lots and lots…

    …and lots more ferns.

    And giant clover.

    I mean GIANT!

    I find old snags cool, too.

    As well as old stumps.

    Even rotting stumps!  Notice how dark it was in the woods.  My camera flash went off!

    “Grandma, look at me on this big stump!”

    Have you ever heard of “disk golf?”  It was a first for me.

    There’s a course and these baskets for catching Frisbees.  Who would want to throw a Frisbee in the woods?  Wouldn’t all those trees get in the way?

    From the highest part of our hike, we could see the campground.  See Lola there in the mist?  Doesn’t she look beautiful?

  • 30Sep
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    Teardrop trailers are just so darned cute.  And we saw from new to old.

    This one was quite old, although I don’t remember seeing the year on it.  The most amazing thing was the all the canvas “add-ons.”  There was a huge one in the back, and two on the side.


    One of the side ones was tall enough so you could stand up inside.  It was a changing room!


    All the comforts of home–just outside!


    Isn’t this adorable?


    Believe it or not, it was built in 1946!  Somebody has lovingly restored it.


    Cozy sleeping quarters.


    This one is also from 1946.  I love the wood on it.


    Another beautiful restoration job.


    This setup really brought a smile to my face.  I never saw anyone around it, but doesn’t it just remind you of an old miner’s set up.


    Ah, he never found gold, but he’s liking the lifestyle–thinks he’ll just stay put!


  • 29Sep
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    Shiny Ones

    Airstreams weren’t the only shiny, aluminum trailers at the rally.


    This is a 1959 Streamline.


    Even the inside was shiny metal–shiny PINK metal!


    This cool trailer with the corrugated sides is an Airfloat built in 1952.


    There were several Airstreams, including this 1951 Flying Cloud.


    This 1950 Silver Steak Clipper looked like something out of a science fiction movie!


    But the most amazing of all was this 1936 Bolus.


    Talk about your space age look!  And it has a front entrance.


    Just inside the entrance is the tiny little galley kitchen–all aluminum.


    And here’s a shot of the living/sleeping area.


  • 27Sep
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    Two weekends ago, Bob and I went to Lynden, Washington for the Tin Can Tourist Rally.  Oh, what Fun!

    There were lots of vintage trailers, like these painted ones!  This one is a Mercury.


    Here’s an old Aloha.  Check out the pineapple lights!


    Great space age detail!


    I love the matching awning on this one.


    And this one.  It’s a Shasta, a very popular brand.


    This one was painted to match a vintage Ford Fairlane.


    And how about this Pumpkin trailer!?!


    This aqua beauty is a Masterbuilt.  I love the windows.


    Here’s an Aloha with a Tiki theme.


    It’s hard to beat sunny yellow, like on this Aladdin.


    More tomorrow!

  • 08Sep
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    On our way home last weekend, Bob and I stopped at Cabella’s–and what should be in the parking lot–vintage trailers!


    There were members of Sisters on the Fly there with their camp trailers set up for us to visit.  How wonderful!

    Here’s the Hillbilly Hilton.


    Love the copper stove and the diamond plate back splash.


    The Thermos as vase is inspired!


    Doesn’t everyone want their own Camelot?


    Bob was excited because it was made by Bell Manufacturing in Kalispell, a company he remembers well.


    I love a woman who knows how to carry out a theme.


    Check out this adorable aqua one.


    Monica, are you drooling?


    I’m drooling over the appliances inside.


    And the detail on the dinette benches.


    The sister of Camelot’s trailer has one, too, and she calls herself The Queen of Pamelot!


    Aren’t the outdoor vignettes adorable?


    Pamelot evidently subscribes to the Karen Snyder school of collecting–more is more!


    Another aqua beauty.


    After orange and aqua, my favorite color combo is pink and aqua.


    There’s so much to like here–like vintage linens!


    And more vintage linens.


    A cowgirl at heart!


    Why, yes, I’d love to join you for a hot beverage, thank you!


    But then they had to go….


    I think Lola may need a little sister!

  • 31Aug
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    Woo Hoo!  I spent the afternoon with David Bromstad!


    Truly, I did!  He was appearing at Ecohaus in Seattle, talking about his new paint colors with Eco-friendly Mythic Paints.  I was there waaaay early, so I could sit up really close!  I was in the third row from the front.  You can see Bob up there in the yellow shirt, holding my place for me!


    HIs “stage” was this big truck with the side open and cans of paint stacked up inside.  The paint cans made a great backdrop.  You can also see the easel and canvas there.  During the afternoon, he painted a painting and it was raffled off!


    He talked a bit about his history, then asked for questions from the crowd.  I didn’t want to jump up and ask the first, question, so I waited and asked the third question!  My question was, “I always love it when you step outside the norm and do something different, like the fire hall or the gym.  Have you ever considered doing an Airstream?”


    To which he replies, “We came THIS close to doing and Airstream.”  At that point, I said, in my best sarcastic voice, “REAAAAALLLLLY????”  And he asked, “Were you the one that submitted that?”


    I confessed that I was.  He said he really pushed for it, but that HGTV has nixed it.  That was the same thing his producer had told me.  Well, darn and double darn!

    He moved on, answering lots of questions, even one from this little guy.


    Then he started his painting.


    He tried to talk and work, but had a bit of a difficult time doing both!


    He had his trusty spray bottle and did a drip design.


    It wasn’t all that exciting–at first.


    But then someone yelled, “Turn it upside down.”  And he did!


    That, and a little purple, and it was finished.  No, I didn’t win it.


    But I did ask him afterwards if it was worth resubmitting the Airstream idea, and he said, “Yes.  Absolutely!”  So get ready, we may need another email campaign!

  • 26Jul
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    Poppy left for her new home with Tim and Dorothy today.  I didn’t think I could be here to see her go, but I was.  Tim gave me visitation rights.


  • 21Jul
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    Yes, Poppy is leaving us…..

    But, I want you to know that we interviewed these people extensively and I know they will love Poppy just as much as we did.  Here’s her new owner, Tim, saying, “She’s mine!  She’s mine!”


    Just like Poppy was my retirement dream, now she’s Tim’s retirement dream.  Can you tell how excited he is?  Several people stopped by after we made the deal, and he wanted everyone to know that Poppy had already found a new home.


    So here’s Poppy with her new owners, Tim and Dorothy.  Don’t they all look happy!


  • 03Jun
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    She IS a Showgirl!


    This is what I saw when I looked out my bedroom window this morning.


    It’s not like I didn’t know it was there, I just still can’t believe we did it!  We bought a second Airstream.  Her name is Lola.  She’s a beauty, but she knows it and she’s a handful!  

    I can’t help but be attracted by her shiny silver skin.


    Or her fancy orange dinette.


    Or her sleek, new kitchen.


    She’s so light and bright inside.  Look at the fabulous Vista View windows!


    But did I mention she’s a handful?  Nothing like dear, sweet Poppy.  Lola has already locked us out (she thought that was cute!), fallen off the driveway, and bonked poor Bob in the nose!


    We’ll have our hands full with this one–but, oh, she’s going to be worth it!

    Poppy update:

    Color Splash did not come through with a makeover for Poppy.  Bob and I had started (barely) to do it ourselves.  Then, Lola came along, all ready to go camping and so bright and light and gay.  But Poppy is my first love.  I didn’t think I could ever part with her.  But, it must have just been puppy love.  I’ve moved on……

    Oh, and Poppy is now for sale if any of you want an adorable 1973 Safari!


  • 31May
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    I’ve been unfaithful to Poppy!


    Yes, dear, sweet Poppy, shown here in happier times.


    Today Bob and I were in Astoria and something very bright and shiny caught my eye.  Yes, another Airstream.  It beckoned to me, like a siren.  I thought, “What could a little closer look hurt,” so Bob turned the truck in the direction of this seductress.  


    I wasn’t going to get out of the truck at first, but what could one little peek hurt?  I peered through the window in the door, and what should I see–and orange dinette!  Oh, you temptress!


    Well, the next thing you know, the salesman was there with key in hand.  “Just have a look,” he said, as the sunlight glinted off his toothy smile and sparkled back in that shiny aluminum skin.  “The kitchen has all new appliances….”



    And did I mention the Vista View Windows and no fake brown wood grain?  


    Oh, Poppy, forgive me!