• 29Sep
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    The MG’s is a four person quilt guild–at least we joke that we are.  Our members are Robin, Connie, Monica and me.  From time to time we take a road trip.  A week and a half ago, we went to Seattle–minus Monica, who had to cancel at the last minute.  We started out by going to a Mariner’s game, courtesy of my parents, who are season ticket holders.

    Tickets in the Diamond Club–in the third row–are hard to beat!  It had rained HARD in the morning, but by game time, the roof was open and the sun was out.  My sister, Sally, did a “stand-in” for Monica.  We even saw a (rare) win!

    After the game we had time to visit Pike Place Market.

    Lucky for us–and them–Undercover Quilts was still open.  We all did a little damage.

    We had a quiet evening in my mom and dad’s condo.  Well, quiet, unless you consider constant chatter noisy!  The next morning it was back to the Market for breakfast a Lowell’s.  My dungeness, avocado and tomato omelet was amazing!

    The flowers, both inside and outside the Market, were beautiful.

    I’d have fresh flowers everyday if I lived there.

    Outside, the tops of the buildings are lined with flowers, too.

    Outside things were a bit of a mess because of construction going on.

    But someone had a sense of humor, and I just had to take a picture of these “construction workers.”

    Oh, and this one, too!

    I had been wanting to visit Sarah at Fabric Crush, so that was our first stop Monday morning.  Her shop in Wallingford is so wonderful.  It’s in an old schoolhouse and has the most incredible windows.

    Imagine my delight when I discovered Trophy Cupcakes was in the same building!  It had been at least a half hour since breakfast, so we treated ourselves.

    Then we were off to the Quilt Loft in Ballard.

    Then it was time to head south and toward home.  We had a lunch in Des Moines (yes, there’s a Des Moines in Washington) and then visited Carriage Country quilt shop there.

    All in all, a great road trip!

  • 28Sep
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    Every year our local School Foundation has an auction.  This year, the theme was Superheroes.  You were encouraged to come as your favorite superhero.

    Robin, The Boy Wonder, was there.

    Here he is schmoozing with Clark Kent, aka Superman.

    I guess I don’t know my superheroes well enough to recognize them all, but I’m sure this superhero is fighting for our school children everyday.

    As is this one.

    Is there really a superhero called Rip Current?

    Ah, I do remember the Incredible Hulk.

    And Popeye, of course!

    I didn’t think Cat Woman was a hero, but, whatever.

    And Poison Ivy???  But she sure looks cute.

    You didn’t have to limit yourself to a comic strip or movie superhero.  To some of us, superhero means different things.  Like Gene Simmons, for example!?!

    I must tell you that, many years ago, I had this lad in my preschool class.  See how tall he looks compared to everyone else?

    Perhaps these boots have something to do with it.

    Ah, I like Ghandi as a superhero.

    I planned to dress up as Abigail Scott Duniway.  She was an Oregon Trail Pioneer and fighter for woman’s suffrage.  All those women are my heroes.

    The auction was a huge success.  Everyone involved is a superhero for our kids!

  • 15Sep
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    Our theme last week at Redwork Club was monograms.

    Here’s a beautiful “M” to start us out.

    Happy E brought these two “P” linens.  When we asked her why the “P” she said….

    “Oh, these were Mrs. Fishers!”  Well, that cleared that up.

    I believe this is teeny, tiny cross stitch.

    Another “M”…

    …and a pretty pink “H”

    The white-on-white is very pretty and subtle.

    I’m sure women weren’t supposed to draw attention to themselves!

    One of our members had made this for her aunt.

    And now for the “More.”

    Cortne’ had recently been given this 1930′s postage stamp quilt.

    It was a feast of fabrics!

    Loretta finished her Flower Basket quilt top.

    She decided to do her butterflies in gold floss.

    I think it turned out great!

    And I just had to share with you the labels that Linda puts on her quilts.

    These are hand embroidered.

    She does an amazing job!

  • 12Sep
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    The Rod Run to the End of the World (also known as Ocean Park) was this weekend.

    I don’t know how many cars are there, but it’s a lot.

    How to decide which ones to take pictures of???

    It was really quite easy for me…

    …just take pictures of the orange one!

    There were lots to choose from.

    But then I thought I should take a few aqua ones, too!

    There were a lot of convertibles at this year’s show.

    And I know this one isn’t orange or aqua, but I really liked it!

    Love the wide white walls on this one.

    More aqua.

    And more.  Do you love it, Monica?

    I remember learning to drive a stick shift in a certain boy’s station wagon that looked a lot like this!

    Now, it’s not what I’d call orange, but this creamsicle was quite pretty.

    No detail left undone.

    And here’s his little brother!

    There were some nice orange pick-up trucks.

    And aqua ones, too.

    This one was in the parking lot.  I wonder why he didn’t get to go to the show.

    This orange flatbed has chrome and orange sides.

    Even the guys working the show must like orange.

    I remember a lot of these from high school days.

    This one was a particularly pretty shade of orange.

    I always wonder why you have to have cables on the hood.

    This got me to thinking about a boy with a purple Road Runner…..

    And look at this–a hot pink car with an orange engine.  When I was in high school, my bedroom was decorated in hot pink and orange!

    Black and orange is a good combination.

    But I think I like all orange best.

    It’s amazing how spotless these cars are.

    I wasn’t familiar with “Boss.”

    But there were two of them!

    I love looking at the cars, but under the hood doesn’t do much for me.

    Bob, however, seems to like looking in there.

    My mom always told me not to ride on motorcycles…

    …or in Corvettes!

    In 1966 my mom drove a Mustang, very much like this.  My brother got to learn to drive in it.

    I got to learn to drive in a 1970 GTO!  I didn’t even know my mom was hot back then!

    And look at this cute toddler.  Isn’t she adorable?

    “Hey Mom, I want out of this car!”

    “Maybe I can do it myself.”


    “Let’s try another one.”

    It was a fun day.  Perfect weather, good burgers.  Maybe next year my car will be ready for the show.

    My Grandpa Kennedy bought it new in 1954 and gave it to me in 1970.

    I drove it for a few years and for the last five we’ve been doing a frame off restoration.  (I just learned that “frame off” jargon at the show yesterday!)

  • 07Sep
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    About six months ago, the Peninsula Quilt Guild did a Nine-Patch Block Exchange.  The only rules were that the blocks had to be red-and-white and 6″ finished.  Here’s the stack I made.

    We each made 24 blocks and swapped them, so we all ended up with the same blocks.  But, it’s what people did with their blocks that’s incredible!

    Ethel turned hers on point and framed half with red and half with white.

    Cherry did a version of the Disappearing Nine-Patch.

    Cortne` framed hers with yellow and set them on point….

    …and used her extra blocks on the back!

    I think that’s Glennys hiding behind this quilt.  She made her quilt bigger by framing her blocks and adding pieced setting blocks.

    Jan also slashed her blocks.  I love the appliqued black stars!

    Renee used alternate appliqued blocks.

    And don’t you love Ann’s setting with the yellow and white?

    It’s similar to this quilt which I had in my photo archive.

    And Lynda made a table runner using a Jack’s Chain setting.

    Way to go ladies!

  • 03Sep
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    Today a representative of Camp Victory picked up the pillowcases you had all so generously donated.  There were 114 of them!

    There were cats…

    …and dogs.

    There were cats with yarn balls,

    and cats with careers.

    There were sushi cats…

    …and surfing cats…

    …and hungry dogs.

    There were sports pillowcases…

    …and dancing hippos.

    There were dragonflies…

    …and butterflies…

    …and ladybugs.

    There were rainbow dolphins…

    …and flowers…

    …and people from around the world.

    There were mermaids…

    …and clotheslines.

    There were stars…

    …and stripes and polka dots.

    Even Elvis made an appearance!

    There were many, many more.  The 5 – 18 year old girls who attend Camp Victory will no doubt be thrilled with their new pillowcases.  I am humbled by your generosity.  Thank you.

  • 01Sep
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    So, did you do it?  Did you join the Nine-Patch Project and make a Nine-Patch block everyday in June, July and August?  I have to admit that I did mine in spurts, but I love the result.

    I’m going to cut them up…..

    …and arrange them like this.  You can see different arrangements for the Disappearing Nine-Patch in an earlier blog post.

    I just went through my photo files.  Here are some other ideas for Nine-Patch blocks.  This is a vintage quilt I own.

    I recreated it for an issue of Designers’ Quarters Magazine.  In this version, I kept the centers all one color, but turned the blocks on point.

    I love the Outline Stripe I used for the binding.

    This is the quilt I got from my Grandma Ikey when I got married in 1974.  It’s just a simple Nine-Patch with muslin setting squares, but it has a flannel backing and kept me warm on lots of cold nights!

    I took this picture of a vintage Nine-Patch at Pomeroy Living History Farm.

    Here’s a modern red and white Nine-Patch that I found of the web.

    I took this photo at the Eureka Quilt Show in Montana last month.  I think it’s really cool.

    How cool is this?  Black Nine-Patches with coordinating backgrounds and triangles to put them on point.

    I believe this quilt is a part of the collection at the Latimer Textile Center.  What a great combination of Nine-Patches and Rail Fence blocks.

    This is a well-loved vintage Nine-Patch from the Eureka Quilt Show.  It’s interesting how the sashing is only vertical.

    And speaking of vertical sashing, look at this cute baby quilt made by Marla J.  I love her use of colors and how she set the blocks on point.

    Another vintage treasure from Pomeroy House.  This one is actually a 16-Patch, but I couldn’t resist including it.

    And there’s something to be said for two color quilts.  These Nine-Patch blocks set on point with plain setting squares makes a Single Irish Chain Quilt.