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    This is the story of how I happened to have a Swedish birdhouse right here in Long Beach, Washington.

    In 2008 Bob and I took a trip to Sweden with my sister’s family–Sally, Ray and Cole.

    The charming town of Lidköping had shops all around the square.

    Of course, we visited them all, including a hardware store!  On the outside there were paint samples on little houses!  They were so charming, we had to take a picture.  Some of the little houses had board-and-batten siding…

    …some were stucco….

    …and some had vertical wood siding.  They even had different styles of window trim!

    Inside, we were even more charmed by the paint swatches—more cottages!

    It made me want to paint something!

    But then we saw the birdhouses!  They were typical Swedish style cottages with amazing detail.  Most houses in Sweden are painted red, like this birdhouse.

    Some are painted a really pretty golden yellow, like this one.  This is the back view, with the trellis.  Have I said “charming” enough yet in this post?  These birdhouses were definitely charming!

    I really, really wanted one, but how on earth would I get it home?  Alas, we had to leave the birdhouses there and all I had to remember them by were these photos.

    Now, fast forward to last weekend.  Bob and I were in the cute (notice I didn’t say “charming,” although it would be appropriate here!) little town of LaConner, Washington.  We went into a shop called Go Outside.  It had an eclectic mix of gardening items, books, stationery and more.

    We wandered through, and were heading for the door when, up on a high shelf, I spotted…..drum roll, please……a Swedish bird house!

    OMG!  Bob reached it down for me and I headed straight for the counter.  Now, I must say, there was a bit of dust on this beauty.  Obviously others hadn’t realized what a gem it was.  It was even marked down!  I asked the proprietor what he could tell me about it.  He said, “Well, it’s from Sweden.”  I didn’t say, “Yeah, I already knew that!”  He told me he had a box for it, disappeared into the back room and returned with the box.  I learned from reading the box that this isn’t just a “nesting box,” it’s also a “bird table in winter.”  I think “bird feeder” might be a better translation, but I’m delighted to have a “nesting box/bird table!”

    At first I didn’t really care about the box, but then when I saw the Swedish and English text on it, I was glad he had it.

    I’m not sure yet where we’re going to put it, but when we got home, I set it on the garden fence for a photo op.

    The attention to detail on this is amazing.  I’m crazy about the typical Swedish doors.  I’m always taking pictures of them when I’m in Sweden.  Like this one.

    And here it is in miniature on the birdhouse!

    It has a chimney and white trimmed windows….

    …and of course the trellis is on the back.

    But I’m afraid I’m going to have to say “charming” again because I think the most charming thing about this birdhouse is that it has its own birdhouse on it!

    Can you tell I’m thrilled with my find?


  • 27Apr
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    Here’s the last installment of Tah-Dahs from the Spring Quilt Escape.

    These bright blocks were made by Sue.

    I love the tall, skinny Churn Dash blocks that Nan was making.

    Chara made this baby quilt with lambs in the borders.

    I think these snowball blocks belong to Karen J.

    Stephanie made this striking quilt top.

    That’s Connie, looking quite coy, behind her polka dot creation.

    Pat made the quilt tote that I demonstrated.

    She did some fabulous free motion quilting on it.

    Sarah has some appliqué planned for this, but I made her pose with it anyway.

    Marsha got this great top finished.

    Lonna was working on some beautiful indigo and cheddar blocks.

    Annie got this tah-dah finished just before we left on Sunday.

    Jean made this incredible quilt.

    And yes, I even did a little sewing.  That bin is filled with selvedges…

    …and I got a lot of blocks made, but want to do more.

    As at any retreat, we had lots of goodies, but I had to share photos of these two.  Cookies from Karen R…

    …and cake balls from Robin.

    It was all great fun. I can’t wait until September when we do it again!

  • 25Apr
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    In the spirit of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy, the Shelburne Inn hosted a Titanic tea and dinner.

    I went to both!

    I dressed in a period appropriate tea dress, of course.

    The tea sandwiches were both beautiful and delicious.

    Laurie had researched what was served on the Titanic, so we were eating authentic cuisine!

    Laurie is a wonderful baker, and her currant scones were fabulous!

    As we arrived for dinner, we were given our boarding cards.

    Of course I had changed.  A proper lady wouldn’t wear the same outfit to tea AND dinner!

    Bob and I both passed inspection.  Whew!

    We had lovely printed menus.

    We were joined by LaRee and Andy.  LaRee has a fabulous vintage clothing collection, and her ensemble is from the period–including the corset!

    I had the spring pea soup with bacon lardons and chervil.

    Bob had poached spring asparagus with champagne vinaigrette.

    Our pianist, Jennifer, had researched the music and gave us a program of fifty songs that were played onboard.

    Everyone at our table had the filet mignon lili with spinach and country turnip puree.

    LaRee did a presentation about the clothing styles of the era.

    For dessert, I chose a chocolate dipped eclair with American ice cream.

    Bob chose the antique orchard apple tartlet with vanilla bean ice cream and cider syrup.

    Before leaving, I just had to try on one of LaRee’s vintage hats.  This one has a 37″ brim.  I think I could pull it off!

    It was a fun, fabulous and scrumptious day!

  • 20Apr
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    A Flat Stanley arrived in our mail box recently.  He was sent to us by our grandson, Justin.  Justin enclosed a letter saying Flat Stanley was looking for adventure on the Long Beach Peninsula, and we were asked to be his guides.  Following is the story of Flat Stanley’s time with us.


    We welcomed Flat Stanley into our home.


    He immediately made friends with the Dala horses.


    But he’d heard a rumor there were tractors in Papa Bob’s shop.  He loved Miss Alice, because she matched his shirt.


    But then he decided John Deere green is really his favorite color!


    He said the pretty mint green on Grandma Karen’s old Dodge was almost as pretty as John Deere green.


    He took a sewing lesson on Grandma’s Featherweight…


    …but decided it was more fun to play hide-and-seek in the fabric bolts.


    We took Flat Stanley on a trip into town.  He wanted to drive, but Papa said, “No.”


    So he rode on the dashboard and watched for the Welcome to Long Beach sign.


    He was getting hungry so we went to Doogers for lunch.  Flat Stanley ate crab!


    While the grownups were visiting, he climbed on the pilings….


    …and hung around in the fishing net.


    But what Flat Stanley wanted to see the most was the ocean, so we drove down the beach approach.


    We thought about having a picnic at the pavilion, but we were too full.  And, besides, there were too many seagulls there.


    Flat Stanley found a sheltered spot out of the wind and did some sunbathing and played in the sand.


    He even got to ride on a silver salmon!


    There are lots of things to do in Long Beach, like fly kites and go to the Kite Museum.


    But one of the most fun things is visiting Marsh’s Free Museum and seeing Jake the Alligator Man.


    There were lots of seashells and coral there, too.


    And a great white shark!  Flat Stanley wasn’t even afraid to have his picture taken in the shark’s mouth.


    It was getting cold, so Flat Stanley slipped inside this sweatshirt pocket.


    Like a good citizen, he visited city hall.


    He learned that the rhododendron is the state flower of Washington.


    He was even more excited to learn that Long Beach is the end of the Lewis and Clark Trail, and that William Clark carved his name in a tree here over 200 years ago!


    After all this sightseeing, everyone needed some refreshments, so we had a hot chocolate at Angie’s coffee shop.


    Then we went to Uncle Sidder’s grocery store.


    Uncle Sidder let Flat Stanley play with his baseball bat collection.


    Flat Stanley knew all about cranberries because Papa Bob used to be a cranberry farmer.


    He looked in the vines for some cranberries, but it was the wrong time of the year to find any.


    But it was still fun to be at the bogs.


    Flat Stanley asked if he can come back in October for harvest.


    Then we went to the port dock in Ilwaco, where the fishing fleet is moored.


    Flat Stanley got to go onboard a boat!


    But just as we were leaving, Flat Stanley was snatched up by a giant condor!  Luckily Papa Bob was quick and grabbed Flat Stanley out of the condor’s mouth.


    Grandma and Papa were worried that Flat Stanley had been hurt by the condor, so they called an ambulance.


    The paramedics put Flat Stanley on the gurney and took him to the hospital.


    The doctors in the emergency room checked Flat Stanley out.  Luckily, he was okay.


    And he was very glad get back to Grandma and Papa’s house after his big day!


    The end.

    Well, except for this one…..I don’t know who needed it more, Flat Stanley or Grandma and Papa!


  • 18Apr
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    There were lots and lots of projects finished at our quilt retreat.  Each time one got finished, it got held up for a big, “TAH-DAH!

    Isn’t this a great pattern to showcase a bold print!

    Several ladies made thread-catcher/pincushions for their work spaces.

    Joy is “pretty in pink.”  And lime!

    Julie and Carol (daughter and mother) made these for Julie’s two granddaughters.  The girls had seen them in a magazine and wanted them.  There was no pattern, but Grandma and Great-grandma couldn’t say, “no!”

    Several people were working on Hunter’s Star quilts.

    And while they may not have gotten finished….

    …I thought you might like to see them.

    Sharon’s Off Center Bow Ties are striking.

    I asked Marsha to pose by her 6100 Quilt, and pose she did!  She’s done this before, me thinks!

    Sarah was making striking quilt with the Lil’ Twister tool.

    I think this bright beauty was Sherrie’s.

    Chara brought back a quilt that she made at the last retreat–all quilted now and just waiting for binding.

    Connie sewed up this Double Delight quilt top for me.  There are kits on my website!

    I love the shadow effect on this quilt by Sherrie.

    Chara was making a stack of circles for a Rob Peter to Pay Paul quilt.

    Stacey took this mystery class from me, hmm, a “few” years ago.  I was so glad to see it getting put together.

    Julie stitched up this sweet quilt.

    Mary, Penny and Denise also made 6100 Quilts!

    We did a Block Swap with the Crossroad to Jericho blocks, and Pat put hers together during the retreat!  Way to go, Pat.

    Barbara was ready to put the borders on her polka-dot quilt.

    This is Anina’s own design, Geese in the Forest.  She sells the pattern on her website.  I think it’s stunning!

    Karen J. was nearly finished with this charming bird pincushion.

    Sarah made this baby blanket with “opportunity cloth!”

    Kathy spent many hours on this fabulous beauty.  This is 1/4 of it.  She’s getting there!

    I have one more batch of photos from retreat to post, so check back!

  • 11Apr
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    Quilt retreats are all about fun!  When I host a retreat, we usually have between 45 and 55 women.  I bring along my trusty staff–also known as Connie and Robin.

    They’re there to lend a hand. like whenever someone finishes a project.  We make sure they hold up their quilt and get a big, “Tah-dah!”  I thought I’d share the recent Tah-Dahs with you.

    This is Kathy’s Friendship Star.  I love the Twisted Ribbon border.

    Denise’s quilt is Pretty in Pink.

    Sue is obviously in love with her 6100 quilt.

    Penny finished her Garden Twist.

    This is Barbara’s Watermelon quilt.  I think it would make a great table topper.

    It was April Showers for Judy.

    Marsha started this quilt at the last retreat, and now it’s finished!

    Isn’t this the most adorable bib you’ve ever seen?

    Here’s Kathy’s pretty Star Sampler.

    Nan finished her Plaid quilt.

    Jean was piecing and appliquéing these whimsical barn blocks.

    Mary got this Alphabet quilt finished.

    Suzie got the borders on this great Star quilt.

    This Log Cabin/Star quilt by Sue really pops!

    Judy made this Princess Lunch Bag for a co-worker!

    If I remember correctly, Pat P1 made this bag that holds a hot iron.

    Anina was working on these tiny Log Cabin blocks with yummy Provence fabrics.

    I think that’s Tracey behind this pretty quilt.

    Pat T. made her Quilt Tote start-to-finish during the retreat!

    Karen J. made this cool tote.

    Denise got her black and white quilt finished.

    …and this was the first of Stephanie’s Tah-dahs!

    I just love seeing all the happy, proud faces!



  • 07Apr
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    This is Josie, who works in the kitchen at Falls Creek.  She is a hoot!  She always asks if she can share show-and-tell…

    …then borrow something from one of the retreaters, trying to convince me that she made it.  Finally, I’m on to her!

    Sue shared this fabulous row quilt.

    She also made this Turning Twenty.

    Sharon said she made this during her Nine-Patch phase!

    She also made this quilt with tulip blocks from a block swap.

    Kathy made this “Man Cave’ quilt for her husband.

    This colorful quilt was made by Mary T.

    She also made this snuggle star quilt.

    Isn’t the touch of green great in this black and white quilt she made.

    Karen V. shared these cute snap bags.

    She made these placemats while trying to improve her machine binding skills.  What a great idea!

    Karen V also made this table runner…

    …and this stunning quilt.

    Karen V


    Marsha showed her pretty star quilt.

    Patty amazing Carpenter’s Star quilt.

    Jean shared this great medallion quilt…

    …and this fun animal print quilt.

    She also made this stack of Sunbonnet Sue quilts.

    Annie shared this quilt.

    She brought back these two quilts that she started at the last retreat

    This is also her Sampler Quilt.


    This is my Dear Dorothy quilt.

  • 06Apr
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    At my recent Studio Open House, I had all my quilt kits on sale for 15% off.  I thought it would only be fair to offer the same deal to those of you who aren’t close enough to visit.  So, this week only, you can enjoy the same savings I offered to those who stopped by.  I thought I’d put photos of all the quilts here, like a mini quilt show!
    These kits are all made from my different lines of fabrics.  I’m nearly sold out of some, and the fabrics from the line are gone, so if you’ve been thinking about one of these, now’s the time–plus, you get at least 15% off!  Many of the kits can be customized.  If you’d like a different fabric for the borders, just say so!  If you click on the name of any of the kits, the link will take you to the website to see that specific kit.  If you’d like to see them all, CLICK HERE.  Enjoy the show!
    At Play – This kit includes everything you need to make the darling At Play Quilt–the panel fabrics for the quilt top, the two fabrics for the sashing, cornerstones and border and the binding. The quilt is made with the blocks in the At Play panel. Use the panel fabric “as is” or embroider over the design. I only embroidered the children and the daisies and left the rest unstitched. Finished quilt is 51″ x 63.” Regular Price $59.99. SPECIAL 49.99
    Bavarian RoseThis quilt, the Bavarian Rose, is a perfect way to show off the folk art prints from my Bavaria line of fabrics.  The red roses that are appliqued on the inner border are adapted from a design in one of the prints.  The applique is done with fusible web and machine buttonhole stitching.  The finished quilt is 60″ x 70″.  Kit includes over 6-1/2 yards of fabric to make the top and the binding.  Regular Price $69.99.  SPECIAL $59.49.
    Bears Outside My Window – Green – For this adorable quilt, I cut my bear panel into four sections and framed them with an Attic Window’s setting. Then I surrounded them with Bear Paw blocks and a final green border. The finished quilt is a generous 53″ x 60.” It’s perfect for a crib quilt or wall hanging. Kit includes all the fabric for the quilt top and simple instructions. If you would like to add the binding and backing for just $10.00 more, put a note in the Comments section of your order and I will add it. Regular Price $39.99. SPECIAL $33.99.
    Bears Outside My Window – Red- Here’s the same quilt as above, but with the predominately red panel and red borders.   If you would like to add the binding and backing for just $10.00 more, put a note in the Comments section of your order and I will add it. Regular Price $39.99. SPECIAL $33.99
    Butterfly Nine-Patch – Sometimes simple designs are the most charming. And while this is a simple nine-patch, it’s showing off just a bit with it’s scalloped border, striped bias binding and blocks set on point! I have a delightful vintage quilt made like this and it’s one of my favorites. I hope this quilt becomes one of your favorites, too. Kit includes magazine with pattern, all the fabrics to make the top and the binding–approximately 10 yards! 80″ x 93.” CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT! If you would like a different color border, just ask. I can usually accommodate you! Regular Price $99.99. SPECIAL  $79.99  Just 3 left!

    Churn, Baby, Churn – At first glance, you might not recognize this as a Churn Dash block, but believe me, it is.  I just played with the color placement a little bit and turned the blocks on point.  I love the results!   True to form, I used Thirties fabrics–these are all daisy prints from my different Wash Tub lines.  The finished quilt is approximately 65″ x 78.”   This complete kit includes the full color pattern, all the fabrics to complete the top and the binding. To add four yards of backing fabric to this kit for just $29.00, put a note in the Comments section of your order. Regular price $79.99. SPECIAL $67.99
    Dancing with Bears – Bear’s Paw blocks dance across the surface of this quilt. Made with 1930′s reproduction fabrics from my Wash Tub Bear’s line. Everything you need to make this top, plus the binding and pattern are included. Finished quilt 62″ x 78.” CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT! If you would like a different color border, just ask. I can usually accommodate you! Regular price $89.99. SPECIAL $76.49
    Dear Dorothy – This quilt is made with my Dear Dorothy panel. This panel is based on vintage blocks made by my friend Carol’s mother–Dorothy–when she was young. Just cut apart the blocks on the preprinted panel, surround them with matching fabric and put the blocks together with strips. A quick border and you’re finished. The kit has everything need to recreate Dear Dorothy Quilt–all the fabrics for the top, the preprinted blocks, the pattern and the binding. 52″ x 66″. Add the backing for just $25.00 more. In the Comments section of your order, just say, “add the backing” and I’ll include it with your kit. Regular Price $59.99. SPECIAL $49.99
    Double Delight –  This fun kit has 20 different, pre-cut Thirties prints and the background included. You’re ready to sew and go! Also included is the pattern to make this 54″ x 63″ quilt. Perfect for the Thirties lover! Regular price $39.99. SPECIAL $33.99
    Dress Up Time – This darling quilt uses the Dolly Dresses and Purse Panel. Just add sashing and rick rack for a wonderful effect. The kit includes all the fabric for the top, 22 yards of rick rack for embellishment, the binding and the pattern. 53″ x 56″. Add the backing for just $20.00 more. In the Comments section of your order, just say, “add the backing” and I’ll include it with your kit. Regular Price $59.99. SPECIAL $49.99
    Let’s Play Paper Dolls – What little girl wouldn’t love this quilt? The quilt has paper dolls on it. Cut out the dresses from the fabric, fuse them to batting, and you can play dress-up right on the quilt. Pockets in the borders, trimmed with rick rack, are the perfect place for storing the dresses! The kit includes all fabric to make the top, pockets, binding and pattern. 44″ x 64″. Add the backing for just $25.00 more. In the Comments section of your order, just say, “add the backing” and I’ll include it with your kit. Regular Price $59.99. SPECIAL $49.99.  There is also one kit left with the rick rack.  CLICK HERE to see it.
    Lollipop – You can re-create this adorable quilt for yourself. The kit includes everything you need to make the quilt top–the background fabric, all the prints and setting fabrics, the binding and even two spools of fusible black bias for the lollipop sticks–a huge time saver! The finished quilt is 62″ x 85.” Regular price $109.99. SPecial $93.49.  Only 2 left!

    Magic Pinwheel – It may look like you make pinwheel blocks in this quilt, but you don’t!  Just four patches and quarter-square triangles make up the blocks.  When you sew them together, the pinwheels appear as if by magic.  This kit uses Wash Tub Prints from my first three lines.  The kit includes all fabric for the top, the pattern and the binding.  You may also order a kit with the back–and save $14.00.  Finished size 66″ x 82.” CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT! If you would like a different color border, just ask. I can usually accommodate you! Regular Price $69.99. SPECIAL $59.49.  Just 3 left!

    Redwork Flower Baskets – This complete kit includes everything but the batting–the panel fabrics for the quilt top, binding and even the BACKING! The quilt is made with the blocks in the Flower Basket panel. Use the panel fabric “as is” or embroider over the design. Finished quilt is 51″ x 63.” Regular $59.99. SPECIAL $49.99
    Tea Roses – I fell in love with the simplicity of this design and just had to try it out. I think this is the perfect “Going To College Quilt” to give as a gift. If you’re like me, I like to give quilts to kids going off to college, but when I think about the abuse it will probably get there, I don’t want to send something that took me 100 hours to make. This quilt is the perfect solution. The quilt is 56″ x 69.” You can add an additional 3 1-3 yards for the binding and backing for just $20.00. Just put a note in the comments section of your order. Regular price $39.99. SPECIAL $33.99
    Tie One On – Bow Tie blocks can be so charming–and fun to make.  This quilt uses my Daisy-A-Day fabric line.  Scraps left over from the blocks form the inner border and binding.  CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT. If the orange daisy border doesn’t suit you, just ask for lavender, geen or blue and we’ll gladly make the substitution.  Kit includes pattern, fabric for the top and binding.  Finished quilt 64″ x 76.” ADD THE BACK FOR JUST $25.00 MORE. In the Comments section of the order form put a note saying, “add the back” and I will include the backing and adjust your total. Regular Price $99.99. SAVE 20% – SPECIAL $79.99. Only 3 left!

    Wash Tub Pinwheels – This pretty pinwheel pattern is one I designed for Fons and Porter magazine. The Thirties reproduction prints make it look like it came off Grandma’s bed. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it goes together. The lavender sashing around the outside row of blocks keeps it from being too busy. 64″ x 76″. Add 4-1/2 yards of backing fabric for just $25.00. In the Comments section of the order form, just add a note that says you want the backing. Regular Price $79.99. SPECIAL $67.99
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    Wow and wow again!  What a fun time we had at our Quilt Escape last weekend.  There were 46 of us, and it was four days filled with sewing, fun, eating, fun and inspiration.  I’m truly amazed at how much everyone accomplishes, and their work inspires me.  Part of the fun is Show-and-Tell.  Here’s the start of what we saw.

    Several people brought back quilts they worked on at the last retreat, like this one from Robin.  It was part of my A Quilt Block A Day from Facebook.  All it needs now are cornerstones and two more borders, and it’s finished!  There’s a tutorial here on my blog for the blocks.  Click HERE for a tutorial on regular Bow Tie blocks and click HERE for a tutorial on making three dimensional.

    Robin did blocks like the ones below for her Secret Sister one time, and made a set for herself, too.  I love how she used the two different colors for her setting squares.

    And she made this quilt with blocks she received from her Secret Sister.

    Robin also made this Bargello quilt.  The squares finish at 1″!  She’s going to do a demo on how to make it at our next retreat.

    This vintage Double Wedding Ring belongs to a family member of R obin’s.  It still needs to be quilted.  Don’t you love how the addition of one more piece of fabric on the four-patches forms a blue border on the top and bottom and a yellow border on the sides of this quilt?

    Julie made this Patriotic Log Cabin.

    This gorgeous quilt was done by Pat P.  We only had three Pats this time, and only two were Pat P!

    Pat P #1 also made this quilt.  This color combination in batiks is my favorite!

    Here’s Phyllis holding up several table runners that Barbara made.  The first is from my Center Piece Table Runner kit.

    She liked it so well, she did it in Christmas fabrics!

    This one is perfect for fall.

    I know what she’ll have on her Easter table!

    This is a very sweet Valentine runner.

    Phyllis made this beautiful cover for either an iPad or Kindle, I can’t remember which!

    She also made these two amazing miniatures.

    Make that three amazing miniatures!

    We had two token scrapbookers at retreat.  Karen R shows us her Christmas album with yearly photos of her son and Santa.  Although now that he’s nearly 16, he says he’s through with Santa pictures!

    This is my sister Sally, who also came to scrapbook.  But, she had a quilt to show-and-tell—a gift from HER sister!

    She also shared an album that covered multiple trips to Hawaii.

    Sarah had a pretty, spring table runner to show…

    …as well as this incredible Many Trips quilt.

    A few retreats ago, I demonstrated the Hunter’s Star ruler from Studio 180.  Many of the ladies started quilts.  Here’s Sarah’s finished one!

    In fact, here she is at the retreat a year ago, just getting started!

    Sarah also made this wonderful wildlife quilt for a raffle.

    Stacey brought the first quilt she ever made, I mean started!  She’s hand quilting it, and hasn’t given up yet!

    She also brought this completed quilt that she started in a mystery class I taught a few years ago.

    This was Dante’s first quilt.  I think it’s amazing!  She said it nearly drove her crazy.

    After making the Flying Geese quilt, she kept on quilting, and this is her quilt, too.

    Carol made this wonderful sampler quilt.

    Susan did a Twelve Step Program from my Bundles of Fun book.  It uses just 12 fat quarters!

    I shared two quilts from my Dolly Dear fabric collection. This is made from a pre-printed panel.

    This one is called Let’s Play Paper Dolls, and the pockets hold the dolly dresses!  There are kits for it on my website.

    That’s a start!  I’ll share more in a day or two.




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