• 14Dec
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    On my recent flight home from Houston, the clouds were so lovely.

    I couldn’t keep from staring out the window.

    They were ever changing.

    I thought how nice it would be to capture their beauty.

    But in my experience…

    …taking photos through airplane windows isn’t usually very successful.

    However, I had my camera in my purse.

    So I pulled it out.

    I thought I’d give it a try.

    My camera is a very basic point-and-shoot.

    So, I pointed…

    …and I shot.

    I was amazed!

    They turned out.

    They really turned out!!

    Then the sun went down.

  • 09Dec
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    More quilts from the quilt show at Quilt Market.  These Art-Pictoral quilts are incredible!  I hope you enjoy.

    ’52 Pickup by Marcia Stein.

    Old Pecos Cabin by Michelle M. Jackson.

    Facade by Melissa Sobotka.

    Forest Walk by Pat Durbin.

    Crossing Calamity Creek by Kathy McNeil.

    Cone Flower by Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert.

    Imagine by Caryl Scheutz.

    Mermaids Wineglasses 2 by Sarah McLean.

    Wings and Feathers by Mark Sherman.

    Mexican Sunflower in Batiks by Jules Rushing.

    Peacockiness by Marilyn H. Wall.

    Spring Revival by Deborah Kemball.

    Welcome to my Garden by Barb Forrester.

    Daffodils by Barbara Holtzman.

    Let’s All Spring Forward by Rosalie Baker.

    Under the Sunflowers by Barbara McKie.

  • 01Dec
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    One of my favorite things about going to Quilt Market in Houston is shopping Cindy Rennell’s booth full of antique quilts.  She always has so many treasures.

    This Market, not only did I get to drool on all the quilts in her booth, I also discovered that she had an exhibition in the quilt show of antique patriotic quilts.  I’ve collected a few patriotic quilts, and it was a thrill to get to see the quilts in her collection.  I took lots of pictures so I could share them with you.

    New York Flag Quilt c. 1900′s.

    Stars of Stripes, also known as Liberty Star, c. 1940′s.

    Five Point Silk Stars, c. 1940′s.

    Patriotic Star made during WWII.

    Commemorative Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic Dresden Plate Quilt, c. 1930′s.  The Grand Army of the Republic was an association of the Union veterans of the Civil War.  The Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic was the women’s auxiliary of the GAR.  This quilt has the town/location and post in the state of Kansas embroidered on it.

    Whig’s Defeat, c. 1930′s.

    Presidents’ Star, c. 1940′s.

    Six Point Stars with Triple Border, c. 1940′s.

    Eagle and Shield and Stars, c. 1940′s.

    Eagle and Shield and Stars, c. 1940′s.  This is just like the quilt above, but note the differences made by different quiltmakers.

    Victory Quilt, c. 1940′s.  The white star in the middle is a sign of hope.  It is surrounded by V’s for Victory.

    America Quilt, c. 1920′s.

    Star and Wreath, c,. 1900′s.

    Pickle Dish, c. 1890′s.

    USA Flag Quilt by Ralph Syverson, Cordell, Oklahoma, c. 1940′s.

    Flag Quilt by Home Demonstration Club, Pleasant View, Arkansas, 1942.  This quilt was made as a fundraiser.  Tickets were sold for ten cents each.

    Eagles and Stars by Clara Banks, c. 1850′s – 1860′s.

    Six Point Connecting Stars Crib Quilt, c. 1930′s.

    American Flag Quilt, c. 1930′s.

    Mosaic Crib Quilt, c. 1880′s.

    Four Block Eagle Applique, c. 1880′s.

    Eight Point Connecting Stars with Swag and Tassels Border, c. 1860′s.

    Victory Flag, Lola Boyer, c. 1930′s.  This is a 48 star flag with the ‘V’ for Victory added.

    Star and Cross with Triple Border, c. 1940′s.

    American Flag Quilts/Stars and Bars, c. 1940′s.

    Stars, Bars and Shield Patriotic, dated 5-21-19.

    New York Flag Number 2, c. 1890′s.

    Tumbling Blocks, c. 1940′s.

    The last two quilts are from the collection of International Quilt Market.