• 26Nov
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    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  The best part is being with family and friends, but the food wasn’t bad, either!

    The table was set…

    I splurged on new linens this year.

    The dough for the Parker House rolls was smooth and silky.

    My goal is always to have the rolls come out of the oven just as we sit down to eat, and I managed the time just right.

    The turkey was a beauty.

    22 pounds!

    My mom brought a pumpkin pie.  I baked an apple but it was camera shy!

    And Melinda brought a cherry pie.

    Doesn’t everyone have an orange gingham tablecloth for fall!?!

  • 22Nov
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    At our last two Redwork Club Meetings, we had doll show-and-tell.

    As you can see, we’re all a few years past the doll playing age, but just look at those faces.  Girls of any age still love dolls!  I thought I’d share them with you, too.

    This is Patsy Ann.  Mary got her second hand when she was a girl and was very sick.

    The ladies of her community refurbished old dolls for sick children.

    And they made wonderful clothes to be given with the doll.  She was Mary’s first doll–and she cherishes her still.

    This was another doll Mary got–still in the same trunk she was delivered in!

    These porcelain dolls are very old.

    This doll–and chair–belong to Cortne`.

    These are the dolls that came the first time we had show-and-tell.  The big doll in the back belongs to my Mom.  She got her for selling subscriptions to the Seattle PI in about 1928.  She has disks that drop into her stomach and play music!  Also, in the front are two Patsy Ann dolls that belonged to my mom.

    Some of the boxes the dolls were brought in were as interesting as the dolls themselves.  I love he pictures of the altar boys on this box of candles.

    Mary’s uncle worked for an appliance store and this Hotpoint doll came from him.

    This very old, very tiny dolls was amazing in its detail.

    Marla brought her grandmother’s doll.

    This trunk of doll clothes belongs to Cortne`’s dolls.

    Here are a couple of them.

    She even had a bride doll!

    And a Polish doll–although she’s not Polish!

    Cortne` admits to being a bit tough on their hair!

    Melinda brought this photo of her with her doll–and her brother with a calf.  I LOVE it!  Update:  I just heard from Melinda.  The boy with the calf isn’t her brother, it’s Lee, her husband!

    Another great box!

    Inside were lots of dolls wrapped in–of all things–quilt blocks!

    Really nice quilt blocks.

    These chalk dolls were inside.  These were the biggest.

    Most of them were small like this.

    Melinda’s mom took some doll making classes a few years ago and made this wonderful doll…

    …as well as this one.

    Eleanor brought a Cupie doll that belonged to our friend Sally V.

    Eleanor made this doll a few years ago.

    When Robin’s girls were young and money was tight, she made them each a cradle for their dolls.  This is one of them.

    I love how her daughter embellished them–even drawing a doll inside!

    This Campbell’s Soup doll is also Robin’s.

    Robin and I are the same age–the age to have had Barbies!

    She has TWO carrying cases for their clothes.

    They’re full of clothes and accessories, many of which Robin and her mom made.

    Here’s Robin’s Ken, Barbie and Scooter–or is it Skipper?

    Here are my Barbie and Ken.  My mom knit that dress and scarf!  I didn’t play with dolls much–I had a horse!  But my sister loved them and had lots of dolls and accessories.

    Robin had this pair of glasses which my Barbie just had to try on.  Quite stylin’!

    I also had Miss Revlon.  I do remember playing with her.  She had diamond earrings and a fur muff, coat and hat!

    She’s really quite beautiful. Update!  I just learned this ISN’T a Miss Revlon doll.  She’s a Cindy doll.  Oh well, she’s still beautiful.

    I hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane with our dolls, and that it reminds you of some of yours!

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  • 18Nov
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    Wow!  445 people left comments on my blog for the Giveaway.  I was blown away!

    The Random Number Generator picked number 47.  That means our lucky winner is Susan H.  Congratulations.  And thanks to everyone who played along.

  • 10Nov
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    I was delighted when Jodi at Pleasant Home emailed me and asked if I wanted to play along in her Scrappy Giveaway.  You bet I did.

    More than scraps, I always accumulate bolt ends.  So, I’ve gathered up 3 yards of them, and some lucky winner is going to get them in the mail one of these days!

    Just leave me a comment before November 17th.  I’ll add you to my email list, use a random number generator to pick a winner, box up the scraps and send them off to you.

    Check out Jodi’s blog for more scrappy giveaways.

  • 04Nov
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    Here’s the last of the show-and-tell from Retreat.

    Connie was taking pictures for me and learned how to use the zoom.  Trouble is, she zoomed so close, the “show-er” got cut out of the picture.  Okay, Ladies, whose quilt is this?  Update, this is Susan O’s round robin quilt.

    Here’s Teresa showing off the great T-shirt Mary made for her.

    This is Mary’s quilt.

    Carol O. made this great table runner.

    Again, Connie, too close!  This is a Santa of the Month quilt.  Very cute!

    Cathy Z. brought Christmas stockings for show-and-tell.

    This is Renee’s stunning One Block Wonder.

    She designed this dress block.  I think it’s fabulous!

    Hmm. Again, I don’t know whose quilt this is.  Can someone help?  Update!  Debbie W. made this for her daughter.

    This is Debbie W’s Soduko quilt.

    And her very stunning block quilt.

    And she made this paper pieced flower block.

    Carol L. made this adorable bathrobe for a granddaughter’s doll.

    Jessica made this photo quilt.

    And this one, too.

    Oh, I should know who made this!

    This is Gail with her quilt.

    Here’s Maryann with her wonderful applique block.

    Help!  Who made this?  Update: This is one of Nancy’s quilts.

    And this?  Update:  And this is also Nancy’s!

    Peggy shared her Kokeshi doll with us.

    Sally showed off the scrapbooking she got done during retreat.

    This is Robin’s gorgeous Nasturtium quilt.

    Mary’s quilt was made from blocks she got from her secret sister a few years ago.

    And even one of the staff at the retreat center shared her wall hanging.  She said she made it for her sister, but I think her sister made it for her!

    Retreat was so much fun, we’re going to do both Spring and Fall next year!

  • 02Nov
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    I was delighted that Joy shared these vintage Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  They were made by her husband’s grandmother and she plans to finish them.

    Penny made this great wildlife quilt.

    Lynelle made this gorgeous jacket.

    Margaret showed us a beaded bag she’d made with some vintage beading.  It was stunning.

    Linda F. was a great presenter–pulling socks she’d made from her sleeves, waistband, etc.!

    Sherrie made this beautfiul quilt.

    This is Carol C.’s stunning table runner.

    Here’s Pearl’s striking Log Cabin.

    And she’d made several of these wave table runners for gifts.

    Another table runner design of Pearl’s.

    She also made this Bargello quilt.

    And this is the quilt she made for her bed!

    Virginia made this great circle quilt.

    Oh, look–my Sweet Pea panel.  Thanks,

    Suzette made these paper pieced animals.

    Another quilt using old sheets made by Evelyn.

    And look at this great sheet on the back.  I could have used that in highschool–my bedroom was hot pink and orange!  Imagine!

    Quyhn made this charming quilt.

    Sisters Kim and Emily were given this antique Redwork quilt by a great aunt.  It was quite amazing.

    Michelle showed off her new Jessie Bag.

    She also made this quilt using family photos of bathing beauties!

    Peggy fell in love with this fabric at Boardwalk Quilts and had Renee make her a jacket from it.

    Then Renee surprised her with a sewing machine mat made from the leftovers!

    Susan shared this Basket Sampler with us.

    And I think this, too, is one of Susan’s.

    More in the next post!