• 31May
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    I’ve been unfaithful to Poppy!


    Yes, dear, sweet Poppy, shown here in happier times.


    Today Bob and I were in Astoria and something very bright and shiny caught my eye.  Yes, another Airstream.  It beckoned to me, like a siren.  I thought, “What could a little closer look hurt,” so Bob turned the truck in the direction of this seductress.  


    I wasn’t going to get out of the truck at first, but what could one little peek hurt?  I peered through the window in the door, and what should I see–and orange dinette!  Oh, you temptress!


    Well, the next thing you know, the salesman was there with key in hand.  “Just have a look,” he said, as the sunlight glinted off his toothy smile and sparkled back in that shiny aluminum skin.  “The kitchen has all new appliances….”



    And did I mention the Vista View Windows and no fake brown wood grain?  


    Oh, Poppy, forgive me!


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