• 28Aug
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    Yesterday Connie and I traveled to Tacoma for the Pacific West Quilt Show.  It was a gorgeous day.  This was the view from the street in front of the convention center.

    I’ve always been crazy about poppies.

    And evidently I’m not alone!

    Especially orange poppies!

    There were several “poppy” quilts at the show.

    And other floral quilts.

    As one friend put it, “It’s a very esoteric show!”

    I’d have to agree with that!

    There were lots of landscape quilts.

    Some traditional barns in a not-so-traditional setting.

    Barns that are a bit more abstract.

    I love this village!  She drew it with Elmer’s glue then used dye to create the design!

    There was some amazing quilting to be seen.

    The whole cloth quilts were stunning.

    Nice use of hand dyed fabric.

    How can his quilt be perfectly flat but look like it has a big bubble in the middle?

    Can you even imagine drafting the center of this quilt?

    It reminded me of this quilt from the 1930′s.

    There were some great pictorial quilts.

    I loved the draft horses.

    Isn’t this beautiful?

    I loved these pens!  Perhaps it was made for an author or calligrapher.

    I thought the next three quilts were quite unique.  They’re made in the style of Northwest Indian button blankets.

    More “traditional” quilts tomorrow!

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