• 27Apr

    Yeah!  I’ve finished all the embroidery for the Christmas Morning Quilt.  Here is block 9.  Bobby and Sally found wonderful toys underneath the tree!



    I double framed each block before sashing.



    Then put it all together.  I love this quilt!  It so reminds me of my own wonderful Christmas when I was a girl.


    You can find kits on my website!


  • 02Apr

    Oh, so exciting!  Sally and Bobby are creeping down the stairs to see if Santa left them anything!


  • 27Mar

    It’s Christmas Morning!  Get up!  Get up!


  • 24Mar

    Last time we checked, Bobby and Sally were tucked in their beds fast asleep!

    Now Santa has found his way down the chimney and is ready to leave their gifts.


  • 20Mar

    We have a winner in the “Name the Kids” contest for the Christmas Morning Redwork.  They are Bobby and Sally!  Here’s block 4.  Bobby and Sally are saying their prayers before bed on Christmas Eve.


    It was so fun reading through all of the suggestions and I thank everyone who left comments.  I chose the names Bobby and Sally because they are my brother and sister!  Now they’re tucked in bed, waiting for Christmas Morning!


    The first person to suggest each name has won a Christmas Morning panel.  Thanks again to all who participated.


  • 12Mar

    My latest fabric collection is called Christmas Morning.  It has this panel:


    I know it’s a little hard to see, but as I get the blocks embroidered, I’ve been posting them on my Anna Lena Facebook page.  You can “Like” the page and you’ll see the blocks as I finish and post them.

    The blocks tell a story.  The first one is darling kids mailing their letters to Santa.


    In the second block, Santa has received their letter and is looking it over.


    Meanwhile, the kids are decorating their house in preparation of Santa’s visit.


    Now I think these children are just adorable, and I also think they need names!  So, will you please leave a comment with a suggestion for names for these two?  I’ll pick my favorite boys name and favorite girls name, and the winners (the first to suggest the name) will each receive a free Christmas Morning panel.  You have until March 17 to leave your comments!


  • 06Mar

    The embroidery on my Christmas Morning blocks is coming along!

    Block 1 was mailing a letter to Santa and Block 2 is Santa reading it!


  • 03Mar

    This is what I’ve been doing lately – embroidering!


    This is the first block on my new Redwork Panel called Christmas Morning.  The blocks tell a story.  The first is “Letter to Santa.”

    As I get the blocks embroidered, I’ll post photos.

  • 21Feb
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    Last week was both the Peninsula Quilt Guild meeting and our Redwork Club meeting.  It’s always great to see everyone, but I like the show-and-tell best!

    We’ll start with Guild.  Gloria really livened up this Log Cabin with some beautiful applique!

    She did the same with the border on this star quilt.

    Janet has strip pieced this Seven Sisters block.

    Here’s Cherry’s fun St. Patrick’s wall hanging.

    And a sample quilt she made from shop hop blocks.

    Earlene got another amazing horse block from her secret pal.  I featured them a few weeks ago on another blog post that you can see here.

    It’s always fun to see someone use my fabrics, like Dee did with this At Play quilt!

    Doris’ Christmas sampler blocks look great set this way.

    Randi took a photo of the tile floor at our county  courthouse and is reproducing the design!

    Ann made this pretty quilt…

    …and also this log cabin.

    And now for Redwork, which always includes a lot more than just Redwork!

    Linda made a reversible picnic cloth from my book Quilts From My Garden.  This side is for birthdays….

    …and this side is for the Fourth of July!

    Our Redwork group has started two new patterns.  The first is called Shabby Chic Girl.

    Cortne` is almost finished with her center square.

    Linda has started her border.

    I love the little bits of fabric in the flower petals.

    The other pattern we’re doing is Snow Crazy–a combination of snowmen and crazy quilting!

    Marla has her first block finished.

    Mary’s shared this delightful Valentine from her granddaughter!

    She had also made this cute Pinwheel quilt while visiting her daughter in the Tri-Cities.

    Robin brought lots of goodies to share, including this adorable wall hanging.  I love the addition of the rickrack and buttons.

    She’s been making doll quilts for a reach-out in her community.  These are 1-1/2″ squares!

    She recently quilted this Eye-Spy panel.  Panels are a great way to practice your machine quilting!

    Here’s she showing off her sweet Valentine pillow.

    This is another Valentine stitchery she is working on.

    Robin calls this a Crumb Quilt–just sew all your fabric crumbs together!

    Robin makes wonderful scrap quilts.  This one is 4″ squares.

    Earlene has been working on these sweet Redwork blocks with birds.

    And she’s almost finished with this snowman block.

    Thanks, Ladies, for all the inspiration!

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  • 30Jan
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    Our Redwork group is very faithful–faithful about getting together and having fun!  We don’t always have Redwork to share, but we always have something to share!  I love to see what everyone is working on, and I’m sure you do, too.  Here’s what they ladies brought in January.

    Robin is working on an Alphabet Quilt. I think the yellow and pink combination is really nice.

    Adorable illustrations.

    This is Happy’s Friendship Quilt.

    What a lovely sentiment.

    And the blocks are all very sweet.

    This is Happy’s quilt from a coastal shop hop that she did.

    I love the fabric for the crab, it looks like he has barnacles on him!

    And here’s her Bow Tie quilt….

    …every fabric in it is a polka-dot!

    She had also done some charming, stitched Christmas ornaments.

    One of the ladies had a few vintage blocks that don’t lay flat, and wondered what to do with them.  Our advice?  Take them apart and re-stitch them!

    Another adorable Christmas ornament.  See, we do do Redwork!

    Earlene is getting the most amazing blocks from her secret pal at guild.

    She had mentioned on her form that she likes horses.

    I think she thought her secret pal might use some horse fabric in her blocks.

    But no!

    She is appliqueing all these amazing blocks!

    They are just incredible.

    There are even horseshoes…

    …and stars…

    …and flying geese for fillers.

    This is a corner block, according to the note that was attached to it.

    We’re all so excited to see what it looks like when it’s put together.

    Loretta is working on a Christmas Memories panel.

    And Carol has done this great stitchery on linen.


    I love the little trim she inserted.

    It’s a very precious piece.

    So much fun.