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    Our Redwork group is very faithful–faithful about getting together and having fun!  We don’t always have Redwork to share, but we always have something to share!  I love to see what everyone is working on, and I’m sure you do, too.  Here’s what they ladies brought in January.

    Robin is working on an Alphabet Quilt. I think the yellow and pink combination is really nice.

    Adorable illustrations.

    This is Happy’s Friendship Quilt.

    What a lovely sentiment.

    And the blocks are all very sweet.

    This is Happy’s quilt from a coastal shop hop that she did.

    I love the fabric for the crab, it looks like he has barnacles on him!

    And here’s her Bow Tie quilt….

    …every fabric in it is a polka-dot!

    She had also done some charming, stitched Christmas ornaments.

    One of the ladies had a few vintage blocks that don’t lay flat, and wondered what to do with them.  Our advice?  Take them apart and re-stitch them!

    Another adorable Christmas ornament.  See, we do do Redwork!

    Earlene is getting the most amazing blocks from her secret pal at guild.

    She had mentioned on her form that she likes horses.

    I think she thought her secret pal might use some horse fabric in her blocks.

    But no!

    She is appliqueing all these amazing blocks!

    They are just incredible.

    There are even horseshoes…

    …and stars…

    …and flying geese for fillers.

    This is a corner block, according to the note that was attached to it.

    We’re all so excited to see what it looks like when it’s put together.

    Loretta is working on a Christmas Memories panel.

    And Carol has done this great stitchery on linen.


    I love the little trim she inserted.

    It’s a very precious piece.

    So much fun.


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