• 28Oct

    I’ve known for a long time that I wanted a “kitchen sofa” for the Swedish house, and I’ve been looking for one every time I’m in Sweden.  I’ve seen a lot of these wooden sofas, but I had a very specific style in mind.  Shortly before we left last summer, Torsten called one afternoon to say he was on a service call and the customer had a sofa for sale–a sofa he was sure I would like.  And he was right!


    It was in an out building at an old farmstead, and Bob and I took the trailer over and picked it up.  I love the shape of the back, the rolled arms and, best of all, the faux finish.  A lot of antique Swedish furniture is painted with a style meant to imitate a more expensive wood.


    Oh, and the front pulls out so it can be used as a bed!  This sofa is missing it’s seat, but that will be an easy fix.  A wooden seat and a nice cushion and it will be good to go!


    I had the bright idea that I might make a quilt that could be used to cover the cushion.  I don’t do a lot of quilting with turn-of-the-century fabrics, but their earth colors seemed perfect for this sofa.  Then I decided a postage stamp quilt would be “fun.”  So, I set about cutting a lot of little squares and sewing them together.


    I wanted the design to be on-point…


    …so I had to construct the quilt diagonally.


    That requires a lot of thinking!  Finally, I had the top pieced.  4224 pieces, but who’s counting!


    But I had a lot of squares left, so I decided I could use some of them for the “label.”


    So, just five hundred and some more squares and I had a label.


    I sewed it into the back of the quilt.


    I wasn’t sure how to quilt it.  In the end, I chose a Baptist fan design.


    You can see it a little better from the back.


    I’ve decided it will just be a sofa quilt, not a cushion over.  I have something else in mind for that!

    A little footnote.  Last week, the farmhouse and the outbuilding where we got the kitchen sofa burned to the ground in a horrible fire.  I’m so glad the sofa is with us.







  • 11Apr
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    Recently I wanted to make a quilt for one of my Swedish relatives, Torsten.  He has been so wonderful to Bob and me, helping us with our new house there.  I fell in love with a quilt I saw at the Wild Rose Quilt Shop and bought the pattern and fabric.


    Of course, when I got home, I thought, “Gee, I have some fabrics that would look good in here,” and started digging in my stash!  Before you know it, instead of using two reds and two neutrals, I had six or eight of each.  I couldn’t wait to get started–and whipped up a sample block.


    Notice those four little light triangles at the base of the diamonds.  Those were made by sewing and flipping a white square on, then trimming the excess.  Well, that “excess” was too big to throw away!  I discovered if I put four of them together, I could make an adorable pinwheel block!


    I was barely started on the first quilt and already thinking how I could  make another quilt from the leftovers!  Perhaps it would be fun to make a quilt for Emmy, Torsten’s daughter, too!

    So I kept on, making the regular blocks and the “bonus” blocks.  I was really pleased with the way Torsten’s quilt turned out.


    I was a little surprised when I put it up on the design wall, though. The look totally changed.  Instead of seeing stars, like this….


    When it was all put together they looked like wheels!


    Funny the tricks your eyes can play!

    So, the pinwheel blocks were pretty small.  In order to get a decent sized quilt, I put them together with a pretty print to make nine-patches.


    Then I added some more of the print as setting squares.   On to the quilt machine and before you know it…


    …I had two quilts!


    But then, you see, there were these strips left over.

    This is Nora.


    Those strips were just perfect to make a quilt for her, too!


    Everything got wrapped up and sent off to Sweden for Christmas!


    I hope you noticed the paw print ribbon on Nora’s package!