• 28Oct

    I’ve known for a long time that I wanted a “kitchen sofa” for the Swedish house, and I’ve been looking for one every time I’m in Sweden.  I’ve seen a lot of these wooden sofas, but I had a very specific style in mind.  Shortly before we left last summer, Torsten called one afternoon to say he was on a service call and the customer had a sofa for sale–a sofa he was sure I would like.  And he was right!


    It was in an out building at an old farmstead, and Bob and I took the trailer over and picked it up.  I love the shape of the back, the rolled arms and, best of all, the faux finish.  A lot of antique Swedish furniture is painted with a style meant to imitate a more expensive wood.


    Oh, and the front pulls out so it can be used as a bed!  This sofa is missing it’s seat, but that will be an easy fix.  A wooden seat and a nice cushion and it will be good to go!


    I had the bright idea that I might make a quilt that could be used to cover the cushion.  I don’t do a lot of quilting with turn-of-the-century fabrics, but their earth colors seemed perfect for this sofa.  Then I decided a postage stamp quilt would be “fun.”  So, I set about cutting a lot of little squares and sewing them together.


    I wanted the design to be on-point…


    …so I had to construct the quilt diagonally.


    That requires a lot of thinking!  Finally, I had the top pieced.  4224 pieces, but who’s counting!


    But I had a lot of squares left, so I decided I could use some of them for the “label.”


    So, just five hundred and some more squares and I had a label.


    I sewed it into the back of the quilt.


    I wasn’t sure how to quilt it.  In the end, I chose a Baptist fan design.


    You can see it a little better from the back.


    I’ve decided it will just be a sofa quilt, not a cushion over.  I have something else in mind for that!

    A little footnote.  Last week, the farmhouse and the outbuilding where we got the kitchen sofa burned to the ground in a horrible fire.  I’m so glad the sofa is with us.







5 Responses

  • brendalou Says:

    now that’s label

  • Stephanie Says:

    You inspire me to do more progressive quilts, now I need the courage to actually quilt them, once they are pieced! Inspire me there, Ms. Karen, please!

    I hope there were no injuries in the Sweden fire. Do they know how the fire started?

  • Laura Fadden Says:

    omg….. that is beautiful!!!!!

  • Pam Smith Says:

    The kitchen sofa is beautiful!! It makes me long to get to Dala-Jarna to look for something to bring home with me.

  • Kathryn Says:

    Wow – that is dedication! I can’t imagine having the patience to make a quilt that intricate and beautiful! Well done! I love the sofa – so unique and has so much character! And your Swedish house is a dream! <3