• 25Jul
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    Dalarna is the province of my ancestors.  Whenever you read about Sweden, Dalarna is referred to as “the heart of Sweden.”  It’s the place where the folk traditions live on, where people still wear their parish costumes at midsummer, where the Dala horses are made, where the quintessential red paint comes from.  To me, Dalarna feels like home.

    The lupine grows in abundance.

    The chimneys are artfully designed.

    Every village has a maypole.

    Each with its own special symbols.


    There’s room for a giant tupp candlestick in the middle of a roundabout!

    It’s where Mora clocks originated.

    The parish costumers are colorful.

    Red buildings abound.

    The forests are abundant.

    The fences are special.

    Charming little lakes are everywhere.

    The sunsets are amazing.

    And the strawberry whipped cream cakes are pretty darned good!

    I’m ready to go back now.




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