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    I’m never happier than when I’m in Sweden for midsummer!  Midsummer is a holiday in Sweden, and everyone celebrates!  In 1983 my Swedish relatives had a parish dress made for me.  Every parish in Sweden has a different folk costume.  Mine is from the parish of  Nås, Dalarna, the village that Anna Lena came from, and the place we celebrated midsummer this year.

    Nås is on the banks of Västerdalälven, the West Dala River.  The musicians arrive by water.

    The village celebration is held at Storänget, the local park.  The musicians lead the way to the maypole.

    The maypole has been prepared with greenery.  Usually there are flowers, too, but not this year.

    The MCs ask for volunteers to help raise the pole.

    It’s a big job, but there were lots of volunteers.

    Up, up, up it goes!

    Almost there….

    Finally!  It’s in place.

    It will stay up until next year.

    Many of the children had made crowns from wildflowers.

    Did you know that if you pick seven different wildflowers on midsummer eve, and put them under your pillow, you will dream about your true love?

    It’s so nice to see youngsters dressed in the local style.

    I don’t think these are the traditional shoes!

    I’m not sure what parish this costume is from.

    How adorable!

    There is a competition among the neighborhoods which includes sack races, water bucket races…

    …races on stilts….

    …and wooden skis.

    Many of my relatives were there.  This is Torsten, on the left, and Sven-Eric.

    Torsten’s daughter, Emmi, and Sven-Eric’s wife, Anna.

    Bob and me with Ulrica and Carl.

    And with Berit and Gunnar.

    This is Ida.

    From the park, we went to Sven-Eric and Anna’s for an alfresco meal.

    This table is made from one plank!

    Sticking with tradition, the barn was decorated with birch.

    There was plenty of wonderful food.

    And wildflowers, of course!

    Meatballs, potatoes and Vesterbotten pie.

    Gunnar won this giant box of candy!

    Which he shared with the rest of us.

    It was an absolutely magical day!



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