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    You can’t visit the province of Dalarna—the heart of Sweden—without some exposure to Dala horses!

    While at Sven-Eric’s I took photos of the Dala horses that he’s had since he was a child. I like the old ones for several reasons.  I love looking at the different styles of decorative painting, for one.

    I don’t mind the worn paint at all.  In fact, it makes me happy to think of the hours someone spent playing with this horse.  I also love his round tummy!

    This little fellow must have had a cart at one time, like the horse in the book Karl’s Wooden Horse.

    There was even a pig!

    It’s not hard to find Dala horses to buy when you’re in Sweden.

    Shops are full of them.

    They’re lined up like little armies!

    Already have a horse or two?  How about a chicken?

    Or a Dala horse on skis?


    Even though I’ve been many times, it’s always fun to go to the factories.  The horses are still hand carved.

    Oh, my, that’s a lot of horses waiting for paint!

    Seeing them like this makes me think of story lines for a Dala horse thriller.  “Let me out!”

    Oh dear.  The carnage!  Oh wait, that’s just paint.

    Ah, this is better.  All dipped and ready for decoration.

    I love how rapt the expressions are on these kids’ faces.

    More horses waiting for a new home.

    We bought a special one for our youngest granddaughter, Peyton.  This color is a limited edition.

    My collection is already, shall we say, “extensive?”  So I just bought a couple of novelty things, like this jigsaw puzzle horse.

    And this paper one, that was a card that I punched out.

    I couldn’t resist these two that I found in an antique shop.

    I hope they’ll be happy joining the “herd” I already have!


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