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    I hope you’re taking part in the Summer Bow-Tie Quilt Along.  We’re making a Bow-Tie Block each day of summer!

    The previous post on my blog has a tutorial for making the traditional Bow-Tie block–which is a simple Four-Patch with a couple of sew-and-flip corners!

    But I thought you might like to learn how to make a 3-Dimensional Bow-Tie!    With this block, the center of the Bow-Tie 3-D.

    To make the block, you need:

    2) 3-1/2″ squares of light fabric

    2) 3-1/2″ squares of dark fabric

    1) 3″ square of dark fabric

    Normally, all three dark fabrics would be the same, but I thought it was easier to see the construction if I made the center a different print for this tutorial.

    Fold the 3″ square in half, wrong sides together.

    Place the folded square on a dark 3-1/3″ square.  Long raw edges should be even with the top, and short edge should be at the right side of the dark square.

    Place a light 3-1/2″ square on top.

    Stitch down the right side, catching the folded square between the 3-1/2″ squares.

    Turn squares out of the way, as shown below.

    Place edge of folded piece even with edge of  remaining light 3-1/2″ square

    Cover with dark 3-1/2″ square.  Stitch.

    At this point, your stitched pieces should look like this.  Press the 3-1/2″ squares to the dark.

    Line up the top edges of the squares.  As you do this, a little “pocket” will form from the folded piece in the middle.

    Pin, lining up the raw edges of the folded piece with the top edge to be stitched.  Stitch.

    When you open your block, the 3-D center will be formed!


    I like to press my last seam open. And, actually, I kind of like the different color center!


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