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    So, did you do it?  Did you join the Nine-Patch Project and make a Nine-Patch block everyday in June, July and August?  I have to admit that I did mine in spurts, but I love the result.

    I’m going to cut them up…..

    …and arrange them like this.  You can see different arrangements for the Disappearing Nine-Patch in an earlier blog post.

    I just went through my photo files.  Here are some other ideas for Nine-Patch blocks.  This is a vintage quilt I own.

    I recreated it for an issue of Designers’ Quarters Magazine.  In this version, I kept the centers all one color, but turned the blocks on point.

    I love the Outline Stripe I used for the binding.

    This is the quilt I got from my Grandma Ikey when I got married in 1974.  It’s just a simple Nine-Patch with muslin setting squares, but it has a flannel backing and kept me warm on lots of cold nights!

    I took this picture of a vintage Nine-Patch at Pomeroy Living History Farm.

    Here’s a modern red and white Nine-Patch that I found of the web.

    I took this photo at the Eureka Quilt Show in Montana last month.  I think it’s really cool.

    How cool is this?  Black Nine-Patches with coordinating backgrounds and triangles to put them on point.

    I believe this quilt is a part of the collection at the Latimer Textile Center.  What a great combination of Nine-Patches and Rail Fence blocks.

    This is a well-loved vintage Nine-Patch from the Eureka Quilt Show.  It’s interesting how the sashing is only vertical.

    And speaking of vertical sashing, look at this cute baby quilt made by Marla J.  I love her use of colors and how she set the blocks on point.

    Another vintage treasure from Pomeroy House.  This one is actually a 16-Patch, but I couldn’t resist including it.

    And there’s something to be said for two color quilts.  These Nine-Patch blocks set on point with plain setting squares makes a Single Irish Chain Quilt.

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