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    Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing design.

    I’ve been fascinated with a house built over a waterfall ever since I first saw a special about it on TV years ago.  It’s not far from Pittsburgh, and I knew I had to make time to visit before returning home from Market.



    The drive into the property was so beautiful.


    And the first views of the house were stunning!  The house is a series of cantilevered levels built right over the falls.


    This stairway descends from inside the living room down into a pool at the top of the falls.  Perfect for a morning dip!


    Here you can see how the structure is tied into the rock hillside behind.


    Everything repeated the horizontal lines.


    We took the tour, but they didn’t allow interior photos.  I think you can get a sense of the place from these outside shots.


  • 04Jun
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    In 1981 I visited the Kennedy Cemetery near the now non-existent town of Swan Creek, Ohio.  This is the place my great-grandfather, Charles Drennan Kennedy, left in 1873.  Small family cemeteries dot the countryside.  I suppose they were started by early settlers burying family members near home.  Gallia County has a wonderful genealogical society, and they pointed me in the direction of the cemetery.  Well, even though it was right on the highway, we had a hard time finding it.  After making three inquiries in the vicinity, an older lady was kind enough to lead us to it.


    You can see how we might have missed it.  Unfortunately, it isn’t maintained.  On my 1981 visit I found it recently mowed, but now it appears no one has given it any attention for years.  Since it’s on private property, the township or county doesn’t maintain it, either.  

    Bob and I waded in, though.  Do you see the grave marker in this photo?


    Once we pulled the vines aside, we could read it.


    There were many more, all covered over.


    The stones themselves were in quite nice condition.


    We wish we knew how to contact the property owner, as we’d gladly hire someone to go in and do some maintenance.  I’ll have to do some digging….(ooh, bad choice of words).  I’ll have to do some investigating!

    But now it was time to head back toward Pittsburgh.  We had a busy Saturday planned, then home on Sunday.  While we enjoyed the beauty of Ohio immensely, there were plenty of reminders that this coal mining country.  


    And where there’s coal, there’s industry.



    But that’s what keeps the economy ticking….


  • 03Jun
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    She IS a Showgirl!


    This is what I saw when I looked out my bedroom window this morning.


    It’s not like I didn’t know it was there, I just still can’t believe we did it!  We bought a second Airstream.  Her name is Lola.  She’s a beauty, but she knows it and she’s a handful!  

    I can’t help but be attracted by her shiny silver skin.


    Or her fancy orange dinette.


    Or her sleek, new kitchen.


    She’s so light and bright inside.  Look at the fabulous Vista View windows!


    But did I mention she’s a handful?  Nothing like dear, sweet Poppy.  Lola has already locked us out (she thought that was cute!), fallen off the driveway, and bonked poor Bob in the nose!


    We’ll have our hands full with this one–but, oh, she’s going to be worth it!

    Poppy update:

    Color Splash did not come through with a makeover for Poppy.  Bob and I had started (barely) to do it ourselves.  Then, Lola came along, all ready to go camping and so bright and light and gay.  But Poppy is my first love.  I didn’t think I could ever part with her.  But, it must have just been puppy love.  I’ve moved on……

    Oh, and Poppy is now for sale if any of you want an adorable 1973 Safari!


  • 02Jun
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    This charming town is Gallipolis, Ohio, the County Seat of Gallia County.  Please note the large white building on the right.  It’s the Park or Central Hotel, built in the 1880′s.


    My great-grandfather, Charles Drennan Kennedy, was raised in a small community called Swan Creek, about 15 miles south of this town.  Swan Creek no longer exists as a town, and my great-grandfather left there in 1873.  This is beautiful country, right on the Ohio River. 


    I decided that I should at least dip a toe in the River!


    Gallipolis has a gorgeous, large city park right on the river, and the downtown business area faces the park.  It is truly a magical setting.  Here’s the gazebo in the park.


    And look at the roses on the porch of this house.


    We arrived in late afternoon, and discovered the road through downtown was blocked off.  At first we thought there was a fire.  Then we discovered that a few days before, part of the Park Central Hotel had fallen down!  Now they were taking the rest down with an excavator.


    Obviously, it was the most exciting thing going on!  And what do you think Bob found more interesting–stories about my forebearers or watching a big excavator working?  There was a beautiful brick Victorian house right next door.  We watched for awhile, but it was getting late, so headed out to find lodging.


    The next morning we had to check in on the progress of the demolition. And oh, and did I mention there was a basement in the building?  Just as the excavator started taking down the wall closest to the house, the whole machine dropped unceremoniously into the basement!


    Did you notice the “V” shaped hole it made in the wall.  This is what it looked like from the other side.


    Amazingly, they got it out.  They used a lift to get up and break away the wall around the arm, and a second excavator to smooth out the pile of debris.  Then the first excavator drove itself out!


    Do we know how to have fun or what!