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    Besides the Wall of Fame at Retreat, we also had a lot of Show-and-Tell.  Here’s Sandy with a completed quilt she brought to share.  Edit:  That IS Sandy holding up the quilt, but the quilt belongs to Linda K.

    When people hide, I’m not sure who the quilt belongs to, but I think this is Sandy’s also.  Edit: Nope–this is the back of the quilt shown above–made by Linda K.  Don’t you love that it’s reversible!?!

    This Lover’s Knot was made by Becky L.

    And these are the blocks she won at a retreat about 7 years ago.  She finally finished it.  Way to go, Becky!

    Sandy made some quick, cute charity quilts.

    And Sarah G. made these table runners.

    Linda A. showed us her Hunter’s Star.

    Rebecca M. had taken a class in portrait quilts.  Amazing!

    Here’s Phyllis showing off a Christmas quilt.

    Here’s a darling charm quilt.

    Karen J. rescued this Yo-Yo quilt.

    Judy was working on this at the last retreat and now has it finished.  Way to go!

    Laraine made this cute Turkey Table Runner.

    Phyllis’ wonderful batik quilt.

    Marsha’s great batik Card Trick.

    Patti with the *&%* quilt she was working on last year.  Another one finished!

    Patty made the Liberty Garden quilt from Michele’s pattern, Victory Garden.

    A beautiful star quilt from Sara G.

    Kirstie was making Barbie clothes for her granddaughter from a vintage pattern.

    She also made this striking table runner.

    Heather brought this amazing, vintage Trip Around the World.

    And I love this Basket Quilt she made.

    I believe Sarah M. was working on this quilt at the last retreat!

    Stephanie made this great quilt.

    More to come….

  • 30Oct
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    More of the great projects that people were working on at the retreat.

    This is Evelyn’s quilt—made entirely from vintage sheets!

    Kirstie’s dog themed baby quilt.

    Patti’s gorgeous quilt.  She always chooses hard patterns!

    Becky L. made this sweet baby quilt

    Ethel has all her blocks finished for our guild block exchange.

    Renee made this Spider Web quilt from selvages.

    Mary’s friend Judy in front of her Christmas Tree quilt, giving us the royal wave!

    Heather made this super pumpkin quilt.

    Michelle in front of her Hip T0 Be Square quilt–a pattern she designed.

    Susan with a quilt that’s perfect for showing off a large scale floral.

    Nancy made these flowers from a Buggy Barn pattern.  They’re from my fabrics, and she geve me the blocks!  Thanks, Nancy.

    Don’t you love this rocking horse Nancy made?

    Laura did this Hunter’s Star using the ruler I demonstrated.

    Carol and her daughter, Julie, were both working on this quilt.

    Mary and Teresa were making twin quilts from this pattern.

    Here I am demonstrating how to make a scalloped edge on a quilt top.

    This is the quilt I’m going to scallop.  I’ll show you a finished picture at a later date.

    Linda K was working on this fun four-patch.

    Mary P. got her top put together.  All those little squares are 2″ scraps individually pieced!  Way to go, Mary.

    This table runner was Joy’s first attempt at machine applique and it turned out to be terrific!

    Cathy and Jessica made matching Plate quilts.

    Sandy did a great Halloween quilt.

    Rebecca was making several of these cute snowmen quilts.

    Carol L. also had success with the Hunter’s Star ruler.

    Sarah made this quilt for her husband.

    Debbie W. made a Hunter’s Star, too.  Aren’t they all wonderful?

    Laraine made this striking quilt.

    Several of the ladies made lunch bags from our “ugly fat quarter” exchange, and not a one of them is ugly!

    I thought sure Karen J. made this orange and aqua dot quilt for me, but, alas, she’s keeping it!

  • 26Oct
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    64 ladies and I just spent 4 days at Falls Creek Retreat Center for a wonderful, relaxing quilting retreat.  I want to share some of their fantastic work with you.  I hope I give the right people credit for the right quilts!  I’m sure the ladies will straighten me out if I didn’t!

    Susan O. made this stunning floral quilt.

    Laura designed this quilt and calls it Hole in Nine.

    She also designed this flying geese quilt–all made from my Sweet Pea fabric!

    Jessica was working on this great memory quilt.

    And I think this was Penny’s.  It was her first time doing curved piecing.  Added, Oct 27. This was Stephanie’s first attempt at curved piecing, not Penny’s!

    Penny made this cute Boo wall hanging!

    Another beautiful floral quilts from Susan.

    And to show she’s about more than just florals, she made this eagle quilt.

    Gail made this outdoors quilt for her uncle.

    Mary P. was involved in a string piece swap and put her blocks together to make this striking quilt.

    Linda K was making X’s and O’s.

    Quynh made this pretty quilt with lots of paper pieced hexagons.

    Another pretty floral from Susan.

    My sister, Sally, was our lone scrapbooker at the retreat.

    Carol O. was working on hand quilting the quilt she made from her mother’s vintage blocks.  These blocks were the inspiration for my Dear Dorothy fabric line.

    Jean made this quilt.  Isn’t it perfect for fall?

    And I love Sherrie’s quilt.

    Robin is making this adorable baby quilt for a friend of her daughter’s–whom she’s never met!

    This quilt of Marsha’s is made from Minkie.

    Her sister Billie made one, too.

    And here’s Susan again!  Don’t you love this setting for a panel?

    Peggy was making this adorable Hip Baby.    Added October 27 – Oops!  I knew I’d foul up.  Emily made this quilt, not Peggy!

    Gail was making this great, fun pattern.

    Phyllis had this stunning batik quilt up on the wall.

    Sandy finished this quilt top from a kit she bought at Anna Lena’s a few years ago!

    Bernice was the first to complete a Hunter’s Star.  I had demonstrated the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler.  Boy is it a slick way to make this block–no set-in seams!

    Karen J. made a pincushion from these fabrics and loved it so much she had to make a whole quilt!

    Sue made this great quilt from my book, Fat Quarter Fun!

    Barbara made this wonderful Christmas wall hanging.

    Stay tuned for more!

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    I’m just back from the Anna Lena fall retreat.  Boy, was it fun!   We were at the Falls Creek Retreat Center, and we did our sewing in the gymnasium.  There was plenty of room for all 63 of us!

    Library - 6988

    One of the best things about retreat is the inspiration you get from seeing what others have been doing.  I’ve posted pictures of the show-and-tell we did to flickr.

    Evelyn brought the Twelve Step Program quilt that she’d made from my book, Bundles of Fun.

    Library - 6961

    And during the weekend, Terry made the same quilt!  It’s amazing how different they look!

    Library - 7145

    It was fun to see other quilts made from my books.  Ginny made this quilt for her daughter.

    Library - 6960

    It’s the cover quilt from Big Print Quilts, but, boy, does it look different with the fabrics she chose!

    My Quilts - 249

    Here’s another one from Big Print Quilts.  See me subtley waving the book above the quilt?!?  This one is Pat’s and it’s called Whopper.

    Library - 7127

    This quilt, called Summer Fun, is from Fat Quarter Fun.  Janet made this one.

    Library - 6963

    I love the way Twelve Drummer Drumming, from Bundles of Fun, looks with Mary’s fabric choices.

    Library - 6969

    Also from Bundles of Fun is this basket quilt.  Sue made it and is donating it to a breast cancer fundraiser.

    Library - 7141

    Renee was making these adorable dress blocks from a box of scraps from her grandma’s attic!

    Library - 7093

    Teresa, who teaches first grade, was making book bags for all of her students!

    Library - 7173

    Barbara had a kit to make a table runner–and she didn’t even know the fabric was from my Santa Claus Lane group!  And the pattern was designed by my friend, Karen Montgomery!

    Library - 6990

    And, speaking of Santa Claus Lane, Robin made a Santa Claus Lane Jumper for her granddaughter.  I just had to use the last of the Santa Claus fabric to make kits for this.

    Library - 6922

    You have to have some fun at retreat, too.  Here I am wearing my Christmas tree skirt!

    Library - 6927

    We had an ugly fabric exchange and made bags–most of which weren’t ugly at all!

    Library - 7161

    Bob even came by on Friday to do maintenance on people’s Featherweights!  He was the only boy allowed–and after lunch we sent him on his way.

    Library - 7181

    It was a great time, in a great location.  I even walked to the falls–but more on that later!

    Library - 6992

    In the meantime, you can see other posts about the retreat from the following atendees:

    Monica – The Happy Zombie

    Sarah – Anyone Can Quilt

    Robin – Crafty Musings

    Evelyn – Use The Loot

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    I’m so excited about our upcoming retreat.  There are six spaces left, so if you could use a little uninterrupted time to work on your projects (as in Christmas is coming!), won’t you join us?


    Days – You have the option of a three or four day retreat.  The four day retreat is an additional $75.00–but think of what you can get done!  THREE Day Retreat – Friday, November 6-Sunday, November 8.  FOUR Day Retreat – Thursday, November 5 – Sunday, November 8.

    Place – The retreat will be at the Falls Creek Retreat Center.  The Retreat Center is 35 miles west of Chehalis on Highway 6.  I taught there a few months ago, and it’s a lovely facility.  We will be sewing in the gymnasium, so we’ll have plenty of room to spread out.

    People – There will be 64 of us, including three “staff” members.  Staff members are Robin Anderson, Monica Solorio-Snow and me!

    Meals – The 3 day retreat includes 5 meals–dinner on Friday night, three meals on Saturday and brunch on Sunday.  The 4 day retreat includes 8 meals–dinner on Thursday, three meals on Friday and Saturday and brunch on Sunday.

    Accommodations – We will be split between the Creekside Lodge and Cedar Lodge.  Each lodge has a lovely sitting room as well as the bedrooms.  Everyone will have their own bed.  Bedrooms have between 2 and 5 beds.  Each bedroom has its own bath.

    Structure – You are free to do your own thing at the retreat–work on UFO’s, start a new project–whatever you desire.  The only thing we ask is that you not bring embroidery machines and have them running continually.  I will also be offering a mystery class to those who would like to participate.  Email me if you’d like details on that.  The Anna Lena Staff will be there to offer assistance with your projects.  These often lead to impromptu demonstrations.

    Cost – THREE Day Retreat – Friday, November 6-Sunday, November 8 – $199.00

    FOUR Day Retreat – Thursday, November 5 – Sunday, November 8 – $274.00

    Click here to sign up.  We’re going to have a blast!