• 24Jul
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    Last year, I was delighted to discover a book about traditional Swedish parish clothes called Scandinavian Folklore.  While reading through it, I discovered a series of photographs that were taken in the village a Boda, at their Gammelgård—which literally translated means “old farm.”

    It wasn’t far from Nås, so on Sunday, Bob and I went for a drive to Boda to see the old farm.

    The midsummer decorations were still up, like the birch branches…

    …and, of course, the maypole!

    Did you know every village decorates their maypole differently?

    There was no one around, and they skies were threatening….

    …but we took our time and looked around.

    I even climbed up to an outside balcony.

    As always, I love the old windows…


    …and doors.

    This door had a great old handle with some decorative carving and the date–1755.  Also notice the decorative plate behind the keyhole.

    At one point, the sky opened up and we had to take refuge on a porch.

    Luckily, the shower didn’t last long and we were able to walk around the perimeter of the property…

    …and enjoy the typical Dalarna fences…


    …and wildflowers.

    Good-bye, Boda.  Thanks for letting us visit.


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