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    Shortly before Christmas, I learned about this book.

    It’s a gorgeous coffee table book filled with photos of Swedish and Norwegian folk dress.

    There are no US distributors so I ordered a copy from Sweden.

    It came last week and was worth the wait!

    I love anything old, folksy or traditional.

    This was all of that!

    Can you imagine that this was everyday wear at one time?

    The photos are taken by the author, Laila Duran.

    I found some additional ones from the town of Boda here.

    Each town, or parish, has their own unique costume.  One of the prettiest costumes comes from Dala-Floda.  The mens is shown below.

    This is my relative, Berit, in blue.  She is from Floda, too!

    And this is me in my Nås dress. I’m ready to dance around the Maypole in Sweden in 2008.  This dress was given me by my Swedish relatives in 1984, and I really treasure it.

    Everyone in Nås would have worn the same costume.

    At the midsummer celebration in Nås there were a lot of people in their folk dress. This woman is wearing a man’s jacket.

    It was especially fun seeing the children in their traditional clothes.  The apron can be red or white.

    Isn’t she adorable?

    My sister took most of these photos.

    She said she felt like a stalker!

    But the kids were too cute to resist.

    I love tradition!


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