• 21Apr
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    Last week our daughter-in-law emailed to say the kids had Friday off, and would we like to meet them at the Oregon Zoo.  You betcha!


    A day at the zoo is always fun–that is if you can keep Bob away from the primates long enough to see anything else!  Luckily, there weren’t too many primates visible, so we had Bob with us the whole time.  I liked these monkeys.  I think of them as skunk monkeys, but they’re really Colubus Monkeys.


    The big draw right now at the Oregon Zoo is the baby elephant!  His name is Samudra and he was born last August–and weighed a whopping 286 pounds!  Now at 8 months old he weighs 964 pounds!  And he still looks little next to his mom and aunties!  



    My favorite zoo animals are giraffes and polar bears.  I did get to see one giraffe, but he was behind glass and I couldn’t get a good photo.  The polar bears, on the other hand, were putting on quite a show!  They are brother and sister, named Conrad and Tasul.  Even though they’re twins, Conrad is a lot bigger, and like siblings do, they were squabbling!   



    Of course some of the cutest things at the zoo are our grandkids!




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