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    I sneaked off to Sweden for two weeks in early December to get a little taste of Sweden at Christmas and do a little shopping.  My neighbors, Ronny, Anna, Maya and Elwira picked me up at the airport and we spent two days in Stockholm!


    It was late in the afternoon by the time we got there, but we went to Gamla Stan – the old city – and enjoyed the Christmas Market!

    Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 6.31.32 AM

    It was crowded but a great way to get some Christmas spirit.


    The next day we went to Skansen, the outdoor museum.  Our first stop was the old bakery.


    It smelled wonderful in there!


    The breads were beautiful.


    And the cookies delicious!


    Instead of gingerbread men, there were goats, pigs and hearts!


    There were dozens of booths selling items, including this one selling a thin, hard bread.  I brought some home with me!


    It was so fun checking out all of the wonderful offerings.

    Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 6.32.09 AM

    I would have liked to have it all!

    Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 6.32.34 AM

    When I got to our house in Nås, I discovered Anna had a surprise for me.


    She had decorated my front porch!


    After a few days in Nås, Anna and I went to Borlänge to do a little more retail therapy.


    I fell in love with the Christmas stars…


    …and bought one for our dining room window.


    Here’s some of the other loot that I bought that day!


    These tomte tidbit plates were just too cute to pass up.


    Before coming home, I got to go back to Stockholm with Sven-Eric.


    The windows of the NK Department Store were absolutely charming.


    They were animated and drew quite a crowd.


    Inside this giant tree hung from the ceiling.


    There were rows of tomtar.


    They were pretty hard to resist.


    Some of these little guys found their way to our grandchildren this Christmas!


    It was a great start to the holiday!


6 Responses

  • wish I had been there I want to go back Says:

    wish I had been there would love to go back but my health is not goof. Hubby has family there

  • Sue Says:

    Thank you for the dose of Christmas in Sweden I so badly craved. How nice you were able to go. Thanks for all the pictures you show.

  • Paule-Marie Says:

    What a fun way to spend the holidays. The department store windows reminded me of going to San Francisco when I was a kid. We’d go see the windows at Macy’s, the Emporium and Podesta Baldacchi (a florist). they were wonderful and so was the tree at City of Paris (a department store). Those were the fun days.

  • Sally Says:

    Beautiful summary of your trip. I’m envious of all that shopping!

  • Pam Smith Says:

    The old city brought tears to my eyes. The buildings look the same as in all the old photographs I have seen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Inger Says:


    How nice to see Anna and Ronny … Ronny is my cousins son. We live in the same village, Nås. I have red a little bit in your blog, your house in Nås have been so nice.

    Thanks for sharing your photographs and your words