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    Skansen is the fabulous historic outdoor museum in Stockholm.  When we were there in June, we happened into one of the old buildings where two women were making thin bread.


    There were beautiful soft rounds of dough resting in the window.


    The dough was first rolled with the grooved pin on the right then got a final pass with the nubby one.


    Once it was rolled paper thin, it was lifted onto a “paddle.”


    The baker used a soft brush to reposition the dough.


    The oven was full of glowing coals.


    It cooked in about 30 seconds!


    The bread in the front of the basket is the finished thin bread.  It was quite tasty!



4 Responses

  • Brendalou Says:

    Is this like Rye Crisp?

  • Jo Ann Says:

    I am enjoying your travel adventures.

  • Signe Says:

    I love thin bread! 1st had it in college… Though my great grandmother was 1st generation immigrant she never made it. The alpine village of Helen GA has many Scandinavian – Bavarian gastomic treats and a friend & I used to hike the mountains there … we’d always get thin bread, fruit, cheese and a bottle of wine to sustain us on our trek 🙂 Hmmmm think I’ll plan a little sojourn and see if I can’t find some thin bread to take along!!! Enjoy following your blog … especially your Swedish travels (a dream I hope to fulfill one day-would love to meet my Swedish cousins face to face). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Carol Blair Says:

    I’m enjoing your travels. Always wanted to go to Sweden