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    Of course you can’t visit Scotland without visiting castles!

    This is Culzean Castle.

    It had a fabulous clock tower.

    It’s on the coast near Ayr.

    The view up the coast was incredible!

    I was fascinated by the erosion of some of the sandstone!

    Probably the most famous castle in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle.  It totally dominates the city and you can see what a strategic vantage point it had.

    Our first evening in Edinburgh we took this sunset shot.  It had been raining and the sun peeked through for just a few minutes and lit up the castle!

    This is Cawdor Castle, still occupied by the Dowager Duchess of Cawdor, but she opens it in the summer for tours.

    We spent more time touring the fabulous gardens than we did the castle!

    This is the remains of Urquart Castle.

    It was such a beautiful setting.

    It was spread out over a very large area.

    We climbed the tower and peeked through the windows.

    I loved this tiny round one!

    Stirling Castle.  Do you see a trend with the weather while we were in Scotland?  We were there for two weeks and saw very little blue sky!

    This was a cool little ruin.  It must have been a tiny castle–just perfect for a princess!

    Here’s a castle we snapped from the bus.

    Those castle builders really knew how to pick the best real estate!





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