• 24Aug
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    I’m obsessed with Swedish doors!

    They’re all different….

    …but somewhat the same.

    They seem to be made of planks.  Some are horizontal like the first four, but they’re not the most common.

    These chevron designs seem to be quite common.

    I love the nail head detail on this one.

    This is a very old door.

    Here’s a combo of chevrons and horizontal planks.

    A variation on the chevron theme is the diamond design.

    This is probably the most common.

    Blue is a popular color,

    as is gray.

    Often a natural stone is used as a step.

    Great detail around this double door.

    An interesting combination.

    I love the little diamond windows.

    Another very old door.

    I love the stairs in front of this one.

    Another fancy surround.

    I thought the arched top of this door was interesting.

    The following are all at least a century old.

    I think these very old ones may actually be carved.

    Amazing paint.

    What a cheerful way to be greeted when visiting someone!


    When we built a Swedish cabin in our woods, it had to have a Swedish door, too!




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