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    Our first night on Gotland, we had a great waiter (and great dinner) at Bolaget.  I asked him, if he had one day to spend on the island, what would he do.  He suggested we go to Fårö at the northern end of the island.  It’s separated from the main island by Fårö Sound.  A quick ferry boat ride got us across the sound.

    The fabulous thing about being on an island is that your surrounded by water and beautiful vistas, like this lighthouse.

    Gotland is famous for it’s own breed of sheep–the Gotland sheep.  It has a long, curly coat.  I think this one recently had a haircut, except for his neck!

    There are black ones, too.  He has his coat on, but his neck has been shaved.  Go figure!

    These thatched roof barns were everywhere on Fårö.

    I was intrigued by the symbols on the top.

    I was told that it indicated the thatching job was finished, and everyone should come for a big meal!

    That thatch lasts about 50 years!

    As you can see, there were stone fences everywhere!

    Dry stacking amazes me!

    I thought this fence was both functional and artistic.

    I love the way the flat stones separate the round ones!

    There were several windmills here, too.

    By now, you probably all know my love for tiny buildings.

    These are fishermen’s cottages.

    Their boats were tied up out front.

    One of the most amazing features of the island were the limestone “sculptures.”

    The one in the back is mentioned in all the guidebooks.

    It’s called the “coffee pot.”

    But it really looks like a dog to me!

    Here’s a handsome fella!

    Oh, look!  I really was there!


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