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    One of the best things about going to Market in Houston is the quilt show.  One of the worst things is that there are a lot of the areas that don’t allow photography.  Bummer!  I did, however (legally) take pictures of a lot of quilts.  Half of them are in this post.

    Pinned to the Past by Michal Tammy Waschsmann.  This quilt was made to hold pins she collects.  Pretty clever, huh?

    Dixie Dingo Dreaming by Susan E. Carlson is based on a photo of her dog Pippin.

    La Luz by Betty Busby depicts a hiking trail in Albuquerque.

    Outback – Beyond Broken Hill by Eileen R. Campbell.  The birds are called corellas!

    One exhibit was about eating heathy!  This is called Delicious Bouquet by Nita Markos.

    Galactic Daiquiri by Cherie Gooler.

    Fruits + Vegetables = Good for You and Your Heart! by Dea L. Larson.
















    From the O Canada exhibit comes this quilt, Vancouver Cityscape at Dust by Terry Aske.  I was really taken with it.
















    Wheel of Teal by Marilyn J. Farquhar.

    Skating by Joyce E. Seagram.  This reminded me of all the skating trips I took with my mom and sister.

    This quilt was in the Traditional Pieced display.  It’s called Star Medallion with 96 Baskets b Kathleen McCrady.  It’s hand pieced and hand quilted.  She finished it one week before her 85th birthday!

    Weitverzweight by Brigitte Morgenroth is all silk!

    My Favorite Things by Meiko Sasano,  She was inspired by flowers painted on porcelain.

    Both the appliqué and quilting were exquisite.

    Carnival by Monica Troy.

    YoYo2: Trip Around the World by Helen Remick.

    It’s always fun to have a bit of whimsy, like Answering Nature’s Call by Kathy Augur Smith.

    A lovely, traditional quilt.  Sawblades by Myra Hall.

    Churn Dash Exchange by Kathleen Poznick.

    More to come!

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