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    I LOVE it when quilts come a-visitng!  Yesterday I had a phone call from a woman who had just come into possession of a signature quilt and she thought I might like to see it.  Me?  Look at a quilt?  Eespecially an old quilt?  Hmm.  I said, “Okay,” before she could finish her sentence.  So today, Lois and our mutual friend Cortne` came by to show me the quilt.  Here’s its story.

    Lois and her family are from the Palouse–an area that spans the Washington/Idaho border and is known for it’s fertile farm land.  Coincidentally it’s where my Grandma Ikey grew up!  Bill Taylor photo, snagged from the web.

    Recently, an aunt of Lois’ passed away.

    Lios was unable to visit her aunt’s home, but her brother was invited to come by and see if there was anything he would like as a memento.

    When he saw this quilt, he knew he’d better take it for Lois.

    What a good brother!

    Judging by the fabrics, this quilt was made in the late Thirties or early Forties.

    Lois recognized several of the names on the quilt, including another one of her aunts, Elva Calhoun.

    It’s beautifully made and quilted, and I loved looking at the fabrics (of course!).

    There was even someone with the last name Snyder, but, alas, not a relative of mine.

    Here’s Lois with her new treasure.  Big kudos to her brother for making sure this quilt stayed in the family and is now living with someone who loves it.

    If there are any more quilts that want to come visit me, I’m ready!

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