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    I often post our Redwork show-and-tell, usually each month.  I just group everything that everybody brings together in one post.  Well, this deserves its own post!

    Melinda recently brought a letter from 1941 that was written by her husband’s sister Donella when she was 11 or 12.  It was written to an older sister who was living away from home.  It says: At school I am using a protractor and compass.  I am diagraming sentences too.  And am just after the Revolution War in History.  Mom is going to write and send you a check. (Moms never change!)

    Did I tell you about what I was doing in Camp fire? If not I will tell you.  I am making a bag like a crossword puzzle only using much larger pieces.  I am getting our handles from Mrs. (?)  They are like this, only larger.

    Then she draws a picture of the handles.

    Not only did Melinda have the letter, she had the bag, too!  And sure enough, those are the handles that Donella drew!

    She goes on to say: The bag is like this tho design is like this with different kinds of stitches around them. I am going to line mine.

    Once again, she has a great illustration…

    …which nicely matches the finished bag!

    The rest of the letter says: Next in Camp Fire I am going to make a pillow just for fun. I am going to send to an upholster company and get some samples…

    In a different handwriting, perhaps her mothers, a date has been added.

    What a fun treasure and a peek back into the past.  Thanks for sharing, Melinda.


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