• 21May
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    After a week in the Southwest’s National Parks, I wasn’t sure I could take another photo of rocks !  But, with a name like The Three Gossips, I couldn’t resist!

    If those were the Three Gossips, are these the Four Gossips?

    Bob and I were in Arches National Park, and took the one mile walk called Park Avenue.

    It was so neat to be down on the valley floor looking up.

    It really gives you a sense of perspective that the photos down’t show.

    The rock beneath our feet looks like frozen sand dunes.

    There’s Bob, showing his rock climbing skills!

    This is Balance Rock.

    We walked around the base.  I kept listening for any cracking!

    There were so many interesting rocks, I had to keep taking photos.

    But what we came to see were arches, and this was our first one.

    As we drove along, it wasn’t long before we saw another.

    And then there were needles like we saw in Canyon Lands yesterday.  I love the colors in the different layers of rock.

    Ah, another small arch!

    We parked and headed down the Devil’s Garden Trail.

    Again, we felt dwarfed by the high canyon walls.

    Our first stop was Pine Tree Arch.

    Then Tunnel Arch.

    There was more to see than just arches, of course.

    This is Landscape Arch.  It was the best by far!

    It was a perfect day–68 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze!

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