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    We started out our day at Glenn Canyon Dam.

    The bridge across the Colorado here is quite amazing.

    We walked out on it to have a look at the dam…

    …and the Colorado River.  Quite impressive.

    Then we headed for Monument Valley, but first we stopped at Navajo National Monument.

    It was nine miles off the highway, and the farther we went, the harder it snowed!

    We went into the visitor’s center, watched a film, explored the exhibits and were rewarded when the weather started to lift.

    We came to see the Anasazi cliff dwellings, and headed down the path.  The snow was already melting, and the landscape was so interesting.

    We could hear water running and spotted this waterfall on the other side of the canyon.  The melting snow from the plateau was cascading down.

    At the bottom of the trail, we could see the ruins of Betatakin, from around 1270!  It was built into a natural alcove.

    It was amazing to see.

    The village was only occupied for about 20 years.  The people who lived there were farmers, but crop failures forced them to move on.

    From the overlook we could see the waterfall.  It was already shrinking. We were so glad we stopped here.

    Then it was on to Monument Valley.

    The scenery was more than we expected.

    It was like flashing back to every Western movie I saw as a child!

    The two trailers in the photo below give you an idea of the scale of these cliffs.

    Here’s a Navajo visitor’s center also dwarfed by the mesas.

    We stopped and did a little shopping.

    As we left, we had to wait for these goats to cross the road!  It was a four way intersection, and the goats were at the corner.  There was a school bus waiting to our left, and we waited, and the goats crossed.

    There were no people in sight, just a dog in the lead and a dog in the rear.  Makes me wonder if the dogs were out having fun on their own or if their master said,  “Okay, boys, go get the goats and bring them home!”


    We had a huge variety of weather today.

    We could often see rain storms off in the distance.

    And experienced temperatures from 36 degrees to 65 degrees.

    I’m amazed at how far across the landscape you can see.

    It was really interesting to watch the weather.

    I kept thinking we’d run out of monuments to take photos of….

    …but that wasn’t the case!

    Suddenly the hillsides took on an entirely different look.

    It was like someone had been playing with colored sand and running their fingers through it to make designs.

    And in front of it all was a cool monument called the Mexican Hat.

    I just loved the designs on these hills!

    And still there were more red monuments to see.

    The shapes are never the same.

    Besides the shapes, the colors were amazing.  There were so many shades of red.

    Bob was great about stopping for photos, but I finally just started taking them through the car window!  Even those turned out!

    Our next stop was Four Corners.

    Doesn’t everyone need their photo taken here?

    Obviously, we did!

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