• 24Apr
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    Is it vintage or is it retro?  To me, vintage means it’s truly old, retro means something new made to look old.

    At retreat last month, I was helping Susan C. load her car after four fun days of quilting.  On her sewing table were her iron and a can of spray starch.  It had been a long time since I’d seen an aerosol can with small lid.  I remember cans being switched over from small lids like this to lids that are as big around as the can, but I have no idea when it was.

    And there was that word “New” on the can.  Suddenly I thought somebody is going back to the old style!  Cool.  But then I wondered, is this really new, or is it really old?  Very old!  As Susan came back to her table, I just had to know.

    She laughed.  Definitely old!  She said it had belonged to her mother-in-law originally and that she, Susan, had had it for years herself.  She said, “I really should toss it out, it doesn’t spray that well!”  Then she asked if I wanted it.  Of course!  I don’t plan to spray it, I just think it’s fun to look at!  Then I turned it around and saw the price printed on the can.

    How long has it been since, 1.) Prices were printed on cans and 2.) spray starch was 42 cents!?!  Definitely vintage.

    Thanks, Susan!


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