• 18Feb
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    Really!  I got to have breakfast with Joe Biden in Seattle last week.

    It was a fund raiser to kick off Senator Patty Murray’s re-election campaign.

    My parents bought a table, and we were right up front.

    I think Bob may have been the only one in the room with a John Deere tie on!  And speaking of Bob, he was turned away by the Secret Service at the security checkpoint!  He had a pocket knife!  Luckily, he could leave it at coat check, but I think the SS kept a close eye on him all through the event….

    My sister and her friend Robin were there.

    My brother-in-law, Ray.

    Cole got an excused absence from school–but had to report to his classmates!

    Of course we had warm-up speakers.

    I had a clear shot of the stage, and while they aren’t the best quality photos, I’m happy to have them.

    Here’s Dow Constantine, King County Executive.

    And Congressman Jay Inslee.  He and I have hiked to the old growth cedar grove on Long Island together, but that’s another story!

    And Senator Murray, of course.

    Then the Vice President himself.

    He talked about a half hour and was very engaging.  He pressed some flesh in the crowd afterwards.

    Mom, Dad and Cole got to go through the receiving line and had a professional photo with Senator Murray and VP Biden, but we weren’t allowed in.  Bummer!  All in all, a very fun morning.  Oh! Oh!! Scott at http://www.redfishphoto.com/, the official photographer, has given me permission to use the photo.  Here it is!

    Doesn’t it look like Joe’s telling my mom a great joke!?!  Actually, he was leaning in to kiss her on the forehead!


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