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    My sister Sally takes Christmas decorating very seriously.

    Of course the planters on her front porch are embellished for the occassion.

    Library - 7482

    This large wooden ornament on the front door is a hint of the theme inside.

    Library - 7487

    The stairway in the entry is so lovely.  Couldn’t one make a great entrance down that stairway?

    Library - 7497

    And the niche is the perfect place for this modern tree.

    Library - 7496

    The main tree and packages are in the formal living room.

    Library - 7494

    I love how her skinny tree tucks right in next to her fireplace.

    Library - 7523

    The decorations this year have a really fun and funky theme.

    Library - 7522

    Sally loves polka-dots, and this theme is really ‘her’!

    Library - 7492

    Every gift is a work of art.

    Library - 7489

    With paper and ribbons perfectly chosen.

    Library - 7521

    The mantle has it’s own unique trees.

    Library - 7488

    We got some of these Kosta Boda Sasntas on our trip to Sweden last summer.

    Library - 7527

    There are even matching toss pillows on the sofas.

    Library - 7528

    Library - 7526

    The coffee table shows off some of her Murano glass trees.

    Library - 7495

    The powder room is, of course, decorated.  More Murano trees….

    Library - 7490

    ….and a little something in the shower.

    Library - 7491

    There are Murano trees on the piano.

    Library - 7486

    And elsewhere in the house.

    Library - 7484

    The family room mantle has more of the polka dot lights and a snowman.

    Library - 7530

    On an end table a modern tree shows off her crystal ornaments.

    Library - 7531

    The dining room looked stunning.

    Library - 7484

    Aren’t the place settings adorable?

    Library - 7486

    Even the windowsills are decorated.

    Library - 7490

    Sally has a wonderful collection of Steinbach nutcrackers.

    Library - 7529

    Library - 7483

    Upstairs there are two trees in the bonus room.  The ornaments on this one are all Cole’s.

    Library - 7512

    And these are Cole’s “international” ornaments from various trips.

    Library - 7513

    Library - 7532

    You never leave Sally’s house without a favor.

    Library - 7493

    I’m lucky enough to have been to two parties there this year–including a lovely luncheon yesterday.

    Library - 7489

    Thanks, Sal.

    P.S.  I have more photos to show you tomorrow!

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