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    The last few days have been calm, but the two weeks before that were a different story.  We had one big storm after another pummel us here at the coast.

    I snapped these out the window of the car as we were driving to Raymond.  These are normally fields–not lakes or bays!

    Library - 7215

    Library - 7224

    Library - 7226

    But the real damage was from the wind.  Because we have a lot of rain and a high water table, trees here don’t put down very deep roots.

    Library - 7252

    Library - 7253

    This is at my mom and dad’s old house.  There aren’t many trees left there anymore!

    Library - 7251

    The wind wiped out a few signs in downtown Long Beach.

    Library - 7242

    Library - 7243

    It’s no surprise we lost power.

    Library - 7248

    Library - 7245

    Library - 7249

    We were only out 12 hours.  My mom and dad were out for 48 hours.

    Library - 7257

    This cottage in Seaview was damaged when a huge tree fell.

    Library - 7240

    Library - 7241

    And this travel trailer got a surprise ride!  Photo courtesy of beachdog.com.

    Library - 7260

    The calm after the storm.

    Library - 7256

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