• 21Nov
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    A few days ago I was having lunch at the Port of Ilwaco.

    Library - 7210

    As I drove away, I saw some local crabbers getting the pots ready for the upcoming Dungeness crab season.

    Library - 7193

    I wonder if these guys would be good quilters?

    Library - 7194

    As I pulled over to take some pictures, I heard, “Hello, Karen.”  It was Ed–a guy I grew up with and went all through school with.

    Library - 7191

    This is what they’re hoping to catch.  Dungeness crab.  In my book, there’s none better.

    Library - 7209

    Every fisherman has his own color buoy.

    Library - 7196

    The season starts near the end of the month, and right now the crab pots are stacked up everywhere.

    Library - 7198

    If I were a crabber, I’d want buoys this color!

    Library - 7197

    Crab is a traditional Christmas treat in our family.  I can’t wait!

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