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    I have to preface this post by saying that I was born in Pacific County in 1953, my mom was born in Pacific County in 1923, my grandma was born in Pacific County in 1894.  Her mother (Anna Lena) moved to Pacific County in 1890.  Anna Lena lived here the rest of her life, my grandma lived here her entire 90 years, my mom and I still live here.  We’re kind of fond of Pacific County!  I live on the beach side of the county, but my forbearers lived on the east side–not all that far from Falls Creek, where we just had our retreat.

    This is the creek view right across from the gym where we did our sewing.

    Library - 6997

    Our county is still 80% forest.  My grandpa was a logger here.  The native forests were mostly cedar–and in many places you can still see the old stumps from the first logging–even though it was probably a hundred years ago that they were cut down.

    Library - 7006

    Lots of them have turned into “nurse logs,” providing a base for seedlings that have grown into magnificent trees of their own.

    Library - 6996

    Even under this tree there was once an old stump.

    Library - 6998

    If you look closely, you can see where the loggers notched out a place for the springboards.  These boards got them up high enough to saw through the trunk where the diameter wasn’t so large.

    Library - 7042

    Even though our weather was very rainy, I decided to walk along the creek to the falls–about a mile.

    Library - 7023

    It started out as an easy, flat walk.

    Library - 7027

    There were so many cool trees along the path. like this one with THREE trunks!

    Library - 7002

    And this one with two trunks.

    Library - 7004

    I just love the little ferns that grow out of the trunks and branches of the trees.

    Library - 7011

    At first the path was a one lane, gravel road.  It crossed a bridge and opened into a lovely meadow.

    Library - 7027

    There was a tiny cabin there.

    Library - 6999

    It must have been there a long time judging by the maple trees in front of it!

    Library - 7017

    The trees were bare, but there was plenty of “evidence” on the ground that these were maples!

    Library - 7014

    I was always told that if you were lost in the woods, you could find North by looking at the trunk of a tree.  There would be moss growing on the north side of the tree.  Well, here’s one of the maple trees.  Side 1.

    Library - 7018

    Side 2.

    Library - 7019

    Side 3.

    Library - 7020

    Side 4.  Hmmm, I’m thinking this isn’t going to work for finding North.

    Library - 7021

    This snag looked as though it could star in a horror flick!

    Library - 7032

    The farther I went, the more rapid the creek was flowing.

    Library - 7068

    Soon the gravel road ended, and it was time to start the climb to the top of the falls.

    Library - 7037

    The trail was strewn with leaves.

    Library - 7038

    And snugged the side of the hill.

    Library - 7039

    The vine maples were so pretty with the vibrant yellow leaves.

    Library - 7041

    Even though it had quit raining, everything was dripping.

    Library - 7046

    The path climbed pretty steeply.  I could still see the creek below.

    Library - 7050

    When I rounded this corner and reached the top of the nexts rise, I could really hear the falls.

    Library - 7052

    The water was cascading over stair-step looking rocks.

    Library - 7059

    But that was just the lower falls.

    Library - 7067

    It was hard to get back far enough to get good photos, but you can see how much water was flowing here!

    Library - 7073

    Here’s looking straight down from the top of  the main falls.

    Library - 7075

    It was definitely worth the walk.  Twice, since I forgot my camera the first time!

    Library - 7077

    Pacific County is a pretty good place to live!

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