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    I know it’s time to do the fall clean-up in the garden, but it’s so hard to cut back or pull up plants that are still blooming, even if the last rain storm beat them down and tipped them over.

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    Yesterday was an absolutely glorious fall day.

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    After taking full advantage of the extra hour we got from “falling back,” I headed right out to the garden.

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    Well, after I checked with my neighbor and expert gardner, Melinda.

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    She grows the most beautiful dahlias, and I wanted to know if it was okay to cut mine back now.

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    But how can you cut back things that are still blooming???

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    And even things that aren’t still blooming are still beautiful.

    Library - 6814

    This sunflower head is 20 inches across!

    Library - 6818

    And my little sunflowers are still showing some color.

    Library - 6820

    What’s prettier than yellow and blue?

    Library - 6822

    And what’s fresher than daisies?

    Library - 6824

    These line the whole west side of my vegetable garden.

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    I remember sitting on the lawn at my grade school during lunch and making daisy chains from the daisies that grew wild in the grass.

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    And later, when I was in high school, daisies were a favorite of the flower child generation.

    Library - 6833

    I still love them.

    Library - 6835

    On the north side of my parents home was quite a patch of big daisies that seemed to thrive on neglect.

    Library - 6836

    When they sold that house a few years ago, I dug up a few and they haven’t disappointed me a bit!

    Library - 6837

    Even my hollyhocks aren’t ready to say good-bye to summer.

    Library - 6848

    And this feverfew grows wild next to my compost pile.  It got started when I tossed a commercial bouquet of flowers onto the pile last year.  Instead of composting, it decided to sprout!

    Library - 6849

    Very high up on my favorites list are nasturtiums.

    Library - 6855

    Could it be because they are so easy to grow?

    Library - 6857

    Or because they cover so much ground?

    Library - 6851

    Or because they’re ORANGE–the most popular color in Anna Lena Land?

    Library - 6859

    Maybe.  But, the long and short of it is, I didn’t cut back or pull up any of the flowers.  I know with the next storm they’ll probably be goners, but until then, if they want to bloom, who am I to stop them?


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