• 31Oct
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    When Sally, Kathleen and Kasi were here last weekend, we took a trip to Chez Monica.  It is a quilter’s paradise.  You could be in there for hours just soaking up mental image after mental image because everywhere you look there’s something to feed your soul.  Photos will never do it justice, but here are a few snaps to share for your enjoyment.

    P.S. I’ve added more photos to the weekend post, courtesy of Kasi, so even if you’ve read it, you may want to go back.  Her photos are amazing!

    Library - 6654

    Library - 6720

    Library - 6721

    Library - 6719

    Library - 6661

    Library - 6662

    Library - 6663

    Library - 6664

    Library - 6715

    Library - 6719

    Library - 6722

    Library - 6720


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