• 21Oct
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    I just has to post a few more photos from harvest–and some of our grandkids who were here to help!

    Justin got hip boots for Christmas last year.  He’s right at home in the bog.

    Library - 6501

    That paddle is really heavy, but at six, he’s ready for the task.

    Library - 6505

    I never get tired of watching the totes fill up.

    Library - 6511

    I gave up my hip boots years ago.  I’ll cook and drive truck, but I stay out of the bog.  Oh, there’s a “bogged down” joke here somewhere!  But, I do have the most stylish boots of all!

    Library - 6531

    This is 2-1/2 year old Carson, getting the feel of the leaf rake.  We’ll have him shoveling before long.

    Library - 6537

    He likes to ride on the tractor with his daddy, Doug.

    Library - 6540

    I made the mistake of saying his boots were muddy, at which point he shook them off his feet and wouldn’t put them on again!

    Library - 6544

    Megan, Kyle and Marie.  Who says harvest isn’t fun?

    Library - 6554

    Another trailer loaded and ready to deliver to the receiving station.

    Library - 6555

    Knee deep in berries.

    Library - 6562

    Here’s Marie with her paddle.

    Library - 6552

    Here’s Marie after she stepped in the ditch!

    Library - 6565

    Back home.  We didn’t make Peyton work in the bogs–not this year.

    Library - 6566

    And isn’t this cute of Carson on our front porch?

    Library - 6586

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