• 29May
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    Morning found us near Orrville, Ohio, the home of Smuckers!  Well, who could resist that?


        They have a gorgeous facility, part museum, part gift shop, part restaurant.  We enjoyed it all.  The timeline was wonderful.  I didn’t know that the original Mr. Smucker started by making and selling apple butter.  Made me a bit nostalgic for my early Anna Lena days.  Many of you may not know that Anna Lena’s began as a gourmet cranberry products business!  But that’s another story!  


    We did a little damage in the shop and enjoyed some sweets before we left.


        Then we headed south.  Once again, I loved the scenery.  There must be something in my genes that makes me loves farms, farmland and barns.  And I must say Bob was so good about turning around for photos!



        We went to a very interesting place called Historic Roscoe Village.  Who knew that in the late 1800′s two canals were dug from Lake Erie south to the Ohio River!  It was all about moving goods to market.  The canals were quite successful, and the towns that grew up along the canals prospered.  As the canals fell into disuse, the town deteriorated.  In the 1960′s, some people with great foresight decided to restore Roscoe Village and a stretch of the canal.  I loved all the old brick buildings.  


    The canal boats were drawn by horses walking alongside the canal on a path.  There was a section of the path that is now a walking trail, and Bob and I walked about two miles.  Here I am sitting on the stonework left from one of the old locks.


    It was a very warm day, and we were glad we were walking along by the water.  


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