• 25May
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    Hey look–it’s me!



    Well, it’s my name, anyway.  I can’t tell you how exciting it was the first time I saw my name on the selvage edge of a bolt of fabric.  That was a BIG day for me!  When my first fabric line came, my bbf Monica made a Market sample for me, and she very carefully trimmed the selvages and put them in a little bag for me.  I might not have thought of the on my own.  Thank you, Monica.  

    About a year ago at Market, Kris from Cozy Cottage spotted something new at Market that she thought was hot–plastic cups with a piece of batting between the inside and outside layer.  The idea was that you’d make a mini quilt and personalize your cup.  I LOVED it.  I bought them for my girl gang–and I’d found the perfect thing to do with my selvages.  

    But now, I have two more bins full of selvages.  I need to make something else.  I’ve been visiting Karen Griska’s blog.  She’s written a book about selvage quilts and has lots of inspirational photos on her blog.  



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