• 22Mar
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    A Happy Accident!



    Last year, after my pots of daffodils were finished blooming, I put them behind my potting shed, at the edge of the woods.  I’ve been very slow about getting my fingers in the dirt this spring, but the other day when I was walking over to the studio, something yellow caught my eye.  I detoured to behind the potting shed, and there were my pots of daffodils–completely neglected but blooming away.  It was like getting unconditional love!  “You may neglect us, but we’ll bloom for you anyway,” they seemed to be saying.  

    This little pot had tipped over and is broken.  Shame on me!  But, true to their indomitable spirit, they just turned their heads toward the sky and bloomed anyway.  I have to laugh a bit because it looks like one of those fabulous “artsy” arrangements–but it was just a happy accident!  I gently carried it over to my front walkway–pine needles and all–so we can enjoy it in it’s well deserved place of honor.


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