• 24Feb
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    Our Last Chance Blow Out Sale



        I was overwhelmed by the numbers of people who came to our sale.  And such patient people they were!  Just the week before I was teaching a class for the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild at their retreat.  Celinda was telling me that she’d been to a sale in Portland and how inefficient they had been at cutting and ringing, and how people had waited hours.  I assured her that I was well prepared for our sale, and that “efficiency” was my middle name.  Celinda, I owe you a public apology!  I know some people waited an hour, even though we had three cutting stations set up, and my dear cousins and Gail worked at top speed, non-stop.  There were no potty breaks, don’t even think about lunch!  We did each get a bottle of water.  I ran the cash register.  Dang that credit card machine is slow!  We opened at 11:00 and the first time I lifted my head to ask what time it was (we sold the clock first thing!) my mom said, “It’s ten minutes until 4:00!”

     Here’s a pic of the ever patient Celinda!


        Everyone does loves a bargain!  This little cutie is saying, “Look at all this fabric my mom is buying.  I just want this one little bolt!  Please……



    So, the store is closed for good.  Things didn’t work out like I’d planned, and I’m sorry no one is opening a shop in our old building.  But I’m glad we moved so much inventory during our final weekend!  Now, on to other things!


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